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Projections for the next 20 years

Based on current global trends, financial, military, social, technological, etc... what are your predictions of what the next 20 years will have in store for your country, state, business, world, or all the above??
Compare what you think will happen to what you hope will happen.

The end of this conversation is drawing near. The theme of which has been very much what I thought it would be. Every one of us can pin point the problems of today that will lead us into a dismal future unless rectified. None of us here on TED has the "power" required to solve these problems. Individually we are far too powerless. Take a look at the size of this online community, there aren't very many of us. We are the people who choose to discuss, debate, and challenge each other. If our need to speak out and communicate about substantial issues was being satisfied completely in our daily lives many of us would not be registered in an online community seeking other like minded individuals who will care about the thoughts we think. An ignorant complacency has been epidemically spreading for too long and feels irreversible which makes the future seem a dark and dreary place. My optimism lies in the fact that we all get "it", we know, we understand, but in order for anything to come out of this understanding of what changes need to be made and what the end result has to be for all of us we need to buckle down and do something. I'm in no way trying to make that a personal attack statement, I don't feel as though we're all standing idly by as everything happens to us.
There were numerous comments suggesting that something big is speeding toward us, a game changer, a war, a revolution, a revelation, a...something. Whatever "it" is I just hope that we can discuss, debate, and challenge each other to become empowered individuals with answers as opposed to a list of problems.


Closing Statement from Ang Perrier

Thank you for all the contributions :)

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    Aug 10 2013: We are in a 'trapped transition' between two economic development stages - the Information Age ends with Centralised stagnation. The next stage 'Wisdom Networks' crowd creates distributed prosperity. We may be trapped in transition for another 15 years.

    The community (or crowd) has been building the foundation for distributed prosperity for decades - the first three elements data (internet 30 years), information (world wide web 15 years), community (social networks 10 years) ... the next three elements to be distributed are collaboration, knowledge and wisdom will be achieved in less than 5 years with wisdom networks.

    In the Information Age, our technology allows point to point communication. Reach increased from near to far. Speed increased to instant. Our society developed tools based on point to point communication that included hierarchies, centralised knowledge and decision making. The internet has sped up the status quo with neglible productivity benefit. These tools don’t scale and are failing to deliver global prosperity, productivity or equality.

    IF we restructure communities FROM point to point communication and its centralised form in the physical world TO peer to peer collaboration and distributed contribution over the internet, THEN it solves huge problems resulting from Information Age structures and delivers a new era of productivity, growth and distributed prosperity.

    Wisdom Networks are an elective singularity and reshape the status quo using the peer to peer structure of the internet and achieving a rapid jump in productivity, potential output (18.2% to 55%), productive work time (28% to 50-75%) and usher in the new era of prosperity. This is the overdue third revolution in economic development.

    I predict that distributed prosperity will be enabled in less than 2 years with less than 30 networks and 900 people and it will transform the world within 5 years ( http://is.gd/wnimwww ). Citizens will demand societies are organised like Facebook.
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      Aug 26 2013: You paint a very intricate picture. The stages you're referring to, I've never heard of that before but I can absolutely see this playing out. We'll finally utilize the internet for something far more substantial than we have been since its debut.

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