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Semi formal bodies to "vet" legal issues related to new technologies to maybe move the formal legislative process a little faster.

This is from website http://www.i-m.co/Kellm44/LegislativeReserve/about.html. How many times have we heard "there ought to be a law" or the government can't keep up with...? You name the issues. Changing technology, medical advances, changes in climate? Legislative Reserve provides an opportunity to address these issues.

See the website and see the proposal. I included a little from the site below. But there is a lot more there particularly in the Methodolgy tab. Is it possible for this to work? Would it be helpful?

Just for another tid bit from the site since i have space to do it. See below.


A fully functioning Legislative Reserve with Representatives from every state addressing issues that matter; Taking up issues with the purpose to address ethical, legal, or other concerns that other Legislative bodies do not or can not address; Provide rapidly debated, carefully scrutizied, politically vetted, and reasonably workable solutions to issues at the cutting edge of technology, etc.

And then this.

Beyond Hopes

We believe this could become the model of how Legislative bodies would address those emerging ethical, legal, and other concerns bringing the legislative process into the 21 century while increasing the velocity for those new to the world issues and have them addressed as a society with limits or regulations as deemed appropriate.

The pictures at the top of the Methodology tab shows where we came from over the last two centuries. The pictures on the left show where we believe we should be in ten years.

We see the possibility that governments would recognize the value of such an institution and evenually provide funding for such a program.

Dare we suggest that something similar to the Legislative Reserve could one day replace our centuries old legislative process providing the means to govern the new, dynamic, and emerging American way?


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  • Aug 14 2013: All good points. However, I'm not sure we are bettter off with career politician. If someone can get votes to be elected, they must have something going for them. Do I want plumbers looking at problems associated with air traffic control? How is that different then a lawyer looking at it? Or a lawyer looking at medical issues. Everyone has to rely on understanding the data one has available. The real vetting is in the learning the issues and the effect they have on society and the individual. Those committees Bryan talks about does just that. Effectively? Who knows? So I could go for the "plumber" (I think you are using this term to mean not smart enough to understand the issues. I use it to mean any average person willing to run for office.) over the professional politician and let them be educated on the issue. Their loyalities will be more with the people then their next election. And we know while it is the votes that elect them it is the money they get from special interests that provides the means to influence those voters.

    Still I think what is missed in the debate so far is the fact that this body isn't arguing the issues we keep hearing about in politics now, but those upcoming issues to do with technology that can effect society and social order. Issues not yet on the public radar and thus politicians don't really care about; yet. We are just now learning about how the internet, tweeter, etc are effecting privacy rights. Had this group been functioning 5 or 8 years ago, this would have been a great topic for them. And by now we may have had clearer and more functional laws to balance both security and privacy. What new emerging technologies are there that will in 3 to 10 years need clarification or restrictions for safety, etc? These are the topics for this group, not immigration, racism, or budgets. Who in those committees are looking at these kinds of issues? For me it's not adding layers, it is adding forethought and thinking ahead

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