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Semi formal bodies to "vet" legal issues related to new technologies to maybe move the formal legislative process a little faster.

This is from website http://www.i-m.co/Kellm44/LegislativeReserve/about.html. How many times have we heard "there ought to be a law" or the government can't keep up with...? You name the issues. Changing technology, medical advances, changes in climate? Legislative Reserve provides an opportunity to address these issues.

See the website and see the proposal. I included a little from the site below. But there is a lot more there particularly in the Methodolgy tab. Is it possible for this to work? Would it be helpful?

Just for another tid bit from the site since i have space to do it. See below.


A fully functioning Legislative Reserve with Representatives from every state addressing issues that matter; Taking up issues with the purpose to address ethical, legal, or other concerns that other Legislative bodies do not or can not address; Provide rapidly debated, carefully scrutizied, politically vetted, and reasonably workable solutions to issues at the cutting edge of technology, etc.

And then this.

Beyond Hopes

We believe this could become the model of how Legislative bodies would address those emerging ethical, legal, and other concerns bringing the legislative process into the 21 century while increasing the velocity for those new to the world issues and have them addressed as a society with limits or regulations as deemed appropriate.

The pictures at the top of the Methodology tab shows where we came from over the last two centuries. The pictures on the left show where we believe we should be in ten years.

We see the possibility that governments would recognize the value of such an institution and evenually provide funding for such a program.

Dare we suggest that something similar to the Legislative Reserve could one day replace our centuries old legislative process providing the means to govern the new, dynamic, and emerging American way?


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    Aug 13 2013: Sounds good on paper. Looking at a real world problem, How do you compensate the produces of Oil to offset their loses if Natural Gas were to become more available and in demand? Their entire empire and fortune are based on Oil. They would, and are, fighting every endeavored to make this change happen. Those who own the natural gas are not the same people who own the Oil. The champions in this fight are the Legislatures that inhabit our hallowed halls of legal justice.

    I suggest we change the requirements for Public office so only qualified people can run, that is, create a technological form of government. We don't want the plumber doing brain surgery. Why should we tolerate a Hollywood actor deciding how we should upgrade our sewer systems?

    A certification process or degree might create the foundation for a more streamlined system to compliment a process that lends itself towards solving social and infrastructural problems. If we give better tools to the same inexperienced and ignorant people, we just create more opportunity for failure.
    • Aug 13 2013: Bryan and John,

      I think the idea was to only have this "body" address those new and emerging technologies and such. Of course if it works well it could become a model for our current legislative bodies. This won't take the politics out of politics, but it may be more ahead of the legal issues that courts decide until their decisions become untolerable and then people rise up and demand change.

      It is one thought I was intrigued with. Why are we still using a 1600's technology in the 21st century. We meet, we argue, we delay, we avoid, we again delay, and then one day we vote. The propsoed idea was to get new problems, not old debates, addressed early. And who knows as it states on the Start up page Beyond Hopes, a new set of voters involved and lead the way to a new future in law making.

      Of course it will have numerous problems just like anything attempting to figure out a societial good. Hope you have a great day and thanks for the comments.
      • Aug 13 2013: And the appropriate place to "address" such things is through committees in currently extant agencies or through committees or subcommittees of Congress. Adding YET ANOTHER LAYER to government is both foolish and futile.

        As for a "1600s technology in the 21st century": Dictatorship as we understand it is a modern invention, perfected in the middle of the 20th century. It is MUCH more efficient than dirty old Democracy. Do you REALLY want to replace the old-fashioned with the new?
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        Aug 13 2013: Still, a body of idiots will do little more with the same process or information than the current body of idiots.

        Plumbers looking at problems associated with air traffic control might not do such a good job.

        Why hire agencies who hire experts when we should already have the experts to begin with. We are not going to get rid of Congress. That will never happen.
        • Aug 14 2013: This is why the various agencies are supposed to hire experts. Again, there is NO NEED AT ALL to add another layer of government. It will just be another drain on money and resources and another way for Congress to avoid responsibility.

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