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Why are we not putting all of our efforts into discovering our universe and our place in it?

Most of us have what we need, so why are we so absorbed with things that lose value quickly and in our mortality which can best be understood with discoveries that have yet to be made.


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  • Aug 17 2013: So far everything we have discovered, we have destroyed. The human race is next, we cannot break the law of Karma. The human race have been given dominion over the earth but we have proven beyond any doubt that was a mistake!
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      Aug 19 2013: : I disagree. I don't see that kind of destruction, some for sure, but we haven't gone over the cliff yet and if we start thinking differently we can change.
      • Aug 19 2013: I am not only praying you are right, my whole life has prepared me for one thing, changing the course of history. I and many others are doing our best to figure out and carry out that change. Before we can or will change there has to be a wake up call. That is where we are right now, waking up. A new generation with eyes wide open, no illusions.
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      Aug 19 2013: Keith and Raymond,
      I agree that we are "thinking differently" and "waking up". To have the ability to do this, suggests that we may not have "destroyed" everything?

      My glass is usually MORE than half full....call me Pollyanna if you wish:>)
      Where attention/focus goes, energy flows:>)
      • Aug 19 2013: Thank you Colleen, I believe we all have our place on the rope, you, me, Raymond and everyone else who wants to helps us pull the human race back from that cliff. No doubt we have not gone over it but most of us see it coming and have a ring side seat. It is our job (the elders) to buy enough time for our kids to set sail in another direction and give them as many tools as possible to build a new reality for themselves. Like it or not a good many will continue off that cliff it is inevitable, many have jumped and many more will. It is our job to put up signs and warnings that there is another way.
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          Aug 19 2013: Keith,
          I have no illusions about pulling the human race back from anything. I know I can only do the best I can in my little corner of the world.

          Have you read some of the comments made by young people here on TED? I think/feel THEY can help US sail in another direction.

          Reminds me...
          "The winds of Grace are blowing all the time. It is up to us to raise our sails"

          Every single person in our world has the opportunity to raise their/our sails and discover whatever we choose. I believe that is what the human life adventure is about. Some will use the opportunity, and some will not.....it is a choice. Hopefully, some of us learn to sail with awareness:>)

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