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Why are we not putting all of our efforts into discovering our universe and our place in it?

Most of us have what we need, so why are we so absorbed with things that lose value quickly and in our mortality which can best be understood with discoveries that have yet to be made.


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  • Aug 17 2013: Raymond,
    this is something my husband and I often ask ourselves. You are so right, we have everything we need.
    With materialism at an all-time high, it seems like the development of essential values (respect, communication, empathy to name a few) and 'the bigger picture' itself are being placed on the back burner... These obsessions with short-term money-making schemes, everybody's 15 minutes of fame and extreme extroversion is distracting us form what it's really all about. The media is powerful, too powerful.

    Yesterday, my kids and I took a little walk. We live in a rural, woodsy area, and take walks often, searching for treasures left by nature and asking questions about...well about everything. My daughter, who just turned 7, asked me, "Mama, is the earth happy?" I had to think long and hard about that one. I asked her what she thought. She said, "The trees are full of green leaves, the water is full of fish... and when the cars drive on the road, I think it tickles the earth." Then, she shut her eyes and listened, and said: "The wind is happy too. I'm happy. "
    What happens to us, between childhood and adulthood, that we forget how simple our place in the universe can be?

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