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Why are we not putting all of our efforts into discovering our universe and our place in it?

Most of us have what we need, so why are we so absorbed with things that lose value quickly and in our mortality which can best be understood with discoveries that have yet to be made.


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    Aug 12 2013: I don't see the connection. One requires mostly mental capacity the other is just a matter of will. I don't think we have a food shortage problem. If we did then it most certainly would require all our efforts to produce more food.
    • Aug 14 2013: putting all our efforts on 'producing ' enough food is one thing but the issue but the problem remain one and the same "hunger" there are almost 24000 individuals die directly due to hunger and you are presuming it as an simple problem :you really surprised me ,sir.
      for details just google "deaths due to hunger each year "
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        Aug 15 2013: Believe me I would do anything to eliminate all weapons and use those resources to reduce suffering but at this stage in our evaluation I think it would be easier to discover the meaning of life.
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          Aug 15 2013: Yes...perhaps we need to discover the real meaning of life before we are ready, willing and able to change those things that do not genuinely support life for everyone?

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