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Why are we not putting all of our efforts into discovering our universe and our place in it?

Most of us have what we need, so why are we so absorbed with things that lose value quickly and in our mortality which can best be understood with discoveries that have yet to be made.


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    Aug 11 2013: One word: Republicans.
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      Aug 11 2013: Hi Justin,
      I read your profile. With all of that experience and information, how can you boil this question down to "republicans"?
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        Aug 12 2013: Well, do you want the long answer or the short answer? Let's start here. Google the following: "Republicans + NASA".

        Consider that it was Kennedy who pushed us toward the moon.

        Republicans aren't necessarily against space exploration itself, it's just that they have yet to figure out a way to allow the military industrial complex to latch onto it. Newt Gingrich tried, with his "moon base" nonsense, but that was mostly a way of scoffing at President Obama.

        Republicans in the House have voted 40 times to repeal a law that they cannot feasibly repeal. The 112th Congress was the most obstructionist Congress in American history, thanks to the Republican party towing their party line, and trying to buck Obama, rather than doing their jobs and governing. The 113th is not any better. They would rather see the country fail than to see Obama succeed.

        On that same note, they refuse to fund healthcare for 30 million Americans who currently do not have it. They sure as hell aren't going to vote to fund exploration. Not only do they not want to fund new programs, they actually want their tax money back.

        I could go on and on, but I think that Google search string I opened with will tell you all that you need to know.
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          Aug 12 2013: Hi Justin,
          Thank you for the long and the short of it! I don't need to do a google search because I am aware, and agree with what you have written.

          Raymond does not seem to focus on only the US with his question, so I was not seeing the question as simply a US politics issue.....thanks.
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          Aug 12 2013: Political parties are just like minded people. So its the people not their title.
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          Aug 17 2013: The problem in this bit of partisan rant seems to be short memory or brief experience.

          The two main US political parties have been equally obstructionist, and they're both equally committed to destroying the program of the party in power. They're both equally crooked. I grew up in Chicago in the 50-60s, when crooked-to-the-core Democrats ran the city, as they still do. Most modern Illinois governors have been in jail, most of them Democrats. The last one went to prison last year, and this summer a Chicago Dem congressman reported to the pen. The influence of this corrupt organization has been pervasive in the current Chicago-based White House.

          It's easy to forget 1990, when the Democrat Congress shut down the government by sending a budget bill to Pres. G.H.W. Bush that they knew he couldn't sign. Determined to beat him in the '92 elections, they kept the gov't shut down until Bush blinked and decided that a functioning government was more important that his reelection, and signed a budget that he knew would cost him the election. And sure enough, in '92 the Dems beat Bush by accusing him of breaking his "no new taxes" pledge by approving the Dems' budget.

          As to space exploration, we might remember that G.W.Bush (jr.) announced a detailed manned Mars program for NASA, to run over 25+ years, and that Obama cancelled it.

          Mind you, I don't think the Republicans are any better than the Democrats. But those who imagine that we have one angelic party and one party of the devil are either deluded or trying to delude others, or perhaps both.
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        Aug 12 2013: I forgot one other important factor: the exploration of our universe holds the potential for discrediting the very foundations of the Christian faith, and that simply will not ever be allowed by the conservative right.
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          Aug 13 2013: we actually can not disprove invisible gods, or unicorns etc.

          we already know there is no evidence or good reason to believe the bible or other faith baded religious beliefs.
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          Aug 13 2013: i suggest science can not disprove invisible gods, or unicorns.

          however we already know there is no evidence or reason to support christian dogma or the supernatural claims of any religions or cults.

          generally gods of the gaps, argiments from ignorance, and other fallacies backed by subjective experiences and interpretations of these.

          we dont need science to fill in any more gaps to know there is no evidence or reason to believe the bible.

          we even know there are significant descripencies between the oldest greek scriptures and the later latin and english versions.
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      Aug 12 2013: monarchists.

      no seriously in regards to those aligned to the us republican party, i can see some themes of concern but im not sure democrats are the answer.

      unfettered capitalism is not great, but neither is collectivism on a national scale.

      again suggesta balance may be optimal but dont expect nirvana.

      some aspects of christianity concern me eg the dominionists, homophobia etc. but the main thing is all faith based religions im familiar with go against reason. science is just reinforcing the lack of reason and evidence..

      if believing what is reasobably true is worthwhile, faith based beliefs fail.

      there may be hints of solutions built in as they reflect the good and bad in society, but a scientific approach based on 21st century knowledge on modern human rights would be more effective.

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