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Why are we not putting all of our efforts into discovering our universe and our place in it?

Most of us have what we need, so why are we so absorbed with things that lose value quickly and in our mortality which can best be understood with discoveries that have yet to be made.


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    Aug 11 2013: This is a question that a has driven many scientists and philosophers for a long time, the answer to this question can not be forced or perceived simply, we as the human race may not be ready or intelligent enough to understand the answer, sure we should pursue answering this question, but it is not the only question that needs to be answered, however it is one of the ultimate questions, the day we answer this question, will be the day that we cease to exists, because are purpose in life will be fulfilled.
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      Aug 12 2013: The question is not about understanding the universe but why we are not putting more of our mental capacity in understanding as much as we can about the universe. I hope we never completely understand it so we can continue to exist.

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