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What realistic steps can we actually take to move in the direction of a free online education for everyone in the world?

I strongly agree that education is the key to the advancement of everyone. Ideas can come from anyone in the world and education should be a right for anyone to have access to. This talk tales an amazing step in the right direction by bringing awareness. I want to know the next steps we all need to take to make something like this possible.

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    Aug 6 2013: One step would be to determine what is meant by the word "FREE". The serious (nay, impossible) obstacle which must be overcome is to disprove the old truism which says, "Ain't nothin' free!"
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    Aug 12 2013: All the energy these days goes into video games. That's what most of on-line is, games!

    Once virtual reality gets that real - we gotta get creative to make all that 'game effort' productive. Here is what I mean. Google the word 'reCaptcha' and then click the link that says: Learn how reCaptcha works. It's an anti-bot feature to protect web sites developed by Google. But also, every time you use reCaptcha, you help Google to digitize books into a permanent, digital format. These are books that might otherwise rot away and never be seen/found again. So you wind up doing something really productive when you log a 'reCaptcha', say, when you use a credit card or whatever.

    If we can figure out how to make video games solve REAL human problems, only THEN will we be getting somewhere! Let's figure out how to make those virtual-world video games solve REAL problems. Let's figure out how to capture the human energy that goes into gaming, and make something real and worthwhile out of it!

    If you out-there, are a psychologist-type person. Do you think that video games could set up real world scenarios in virtual-space and teach people good life skills? Teach kids why high school is important by giving them problems that force them to learn something - and doing it inside a virtual game? Learn conflict resolution? Learn measurement & building skills in the virtual environment?

    What if in "Grand-Theft" auto the virtual reality was so detailed that you had to run your own chop shop! You could steal a car in a game, but to gain any levels, you'd have to chop it up & sell it for parts. To do that, you'd have to know (or learn) some auto-mechanics & body shop skill. You'd have to learn how to sort/sell/account-for and business and lots of other good, real-life stuff. Games are fine, but this is for the real world.
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    Aug 6 2013: I think there is some good online sites out there that address some subject matter. But when you say education for everyone.... the differing kinds of information everybody needs to become educated ..... like everybody may want to be is like everything mankind already knows.
    Online? I can't imagine the bandwidth....
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    Aug 6 2013: Computer access would be necessary from an accessible venue.
  • Aug 6 2013: Some may not need it but:
    1. a road map for some topic
    2. possible ref.
    3. a method for the person to self check his progress

    the Kahn Academy is a good example not sure all the explanation are necessary.
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    Aug 5 2013: effectively, there has always been free education for those with the motivation to go and get it. it wasn't until I left school and my first job and started a band that i really started to enjoy life. none of that was learned at school or even the internet. i learnt the craft (and am still learning the craft) by going out and doing it.

    you will need to extricate education from any system of measurement or assessment in order for it to be 'free' to everyone. this, however, will greatly affect how others perceive the quality and worth of this free education.