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Can the perception of clouds go through a renaissance period and once again inspire creativity and hope?

Clouds have always been beautiful and inspiring through my eyes. Gavin has the same love, though I see many of the perceptions about clouds being evil and depressing in everyday life. I have just lost a very dear friend to cancer and found hope in the clouds, everyday they move onto other locations, disappear, re-appear or start raining. So is true with life, we should think about clouds as being inspiring and creative forms of nature. How can we use clouds in the ways which Gavin explains in the video, and apply them to our love life, job situation or periods of hardship?

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    Aug 5 2013: As a landscape artist and photographer, I appreciate clouds and can sit for hours watching their beauty, drama and calming influence. As Gavin says, switching off from the noisy, abrasive buzz of life and looking up into the sky can be just the thing to put everything into perspective.

    I think every office should have a projector playing images of moving clouds onto the walls. Creativity and motivation I'm sure would improve!
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      Aug 12 2013: I like clouds. They're really pretty. But I gotta wear my hat outside. My doctor doesn't want me getting sunburned. He told me that can cause skin cancer. Heck, when I was a kid, we all thought that a light sunburn was one of the best things that sunshine could do for you. We thought it would peel off all the old, dead skin on your arms and back!