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Creating a global currency

Government currency as we know it today is a perceived value. We work and are paid based on the perceived value of our work. We pay for products on the perceived value of those products or services. When an economy or government experiences trouble the perceived value of their currency is impacted as well. This can be dissuaded by establishing a global currency. With the advent and growing use of Bitcoin, how long before currency comes in only one form. The Euro is a great example on how many countries can agree to work on one standardized form of currency. With the increase of trade among nations and the internet making it easier for consumers to buy products online developing a standard global currency makes sense.


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    Aug 9 2013: Hey Edward
    My first response to the idea of global currency is "of course." Then I think creating new currencies itself might be a useful feature of global economy. As bitcoin is proving, almost any mutually agreed value can be represented in a currency of some sort.

    Maybe the idea should morph into finding ways to have as many people as possible creating currencies, each one for the express purpose of facilitating some class of transaction. Frequent-flier-miles works. My neighbor's IOU-favors works too. Points on various accounts (Starbucks, etc.) becomes a playful extra form of currency. Even volunteer services (free by typical accounts) can have a pay-it-forward value.

    Bucky Fuller had the idea that real wealth is practical knowledge. Maybe that can be transferred to some form of currency like a diploma of sorts. The Barefoot College in India has such currency without paper. It's an understood acceptance within a community that recognizes a person as resourceful in some helpful way.

    I applaud your efforts to make sense of economics. It seems even the best economists have been having a hard time lately. Keep up the good thinking.

    Encore! Encore!

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