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Creating a global currency

Government currency as we know it today is a perceived value. We work and are paid based on the perceived value of our work. We pay for products on the perceived value of those products or services. When an economy or government experiences trouble the perceived value of their currency is impacted as well. This can be dissuaded by establishing a global currency. With the advent and growing use of Bitcoin, how long before currency comes in only one form. The Euro is a great example on how many countries can agree to work on one standardized form of currency. With the increase of trade among nations and the internet making it easier for consumers to buy products online developing a standard global currency makes sense.


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    Aug 8 2013: we had a single currency, and it was gold. what happened to that?
    • Aug 8 2013: Well finaly we will realise that gold is something that will protect us. The problem in the world with gold is that politicy and central banks can't print gold like they do with the dollar (euro etc.). So for them gold is something bad that they can't regulate. If we start believe in gold the financial system will fail because the trust in the dollar will fail. They central banks make gold not popular (see the prince of gold last months) because we will believe more in the dollar and our current financial system.
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        Aug 8 2013: i see no problem with the financial system failing. bad things should fail. we can't get rid of bad things without failure.
        • Aug 8 2013: Bad thins will always fail once.. but if the financial system fail, it will bring us in a new crisis..
          That does not mean that I think the current system is good.. I think our system is very bad and it is only good for the people who have influence.. who can earn a lot of money with it.. It is made to fail..
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        Aug 8 2013: there is no new crisis. the previous is still going on.
        • Aug 8 2013: I did not say that there is a new crisis but a redical change of our system will bring us in big trouble and a new crisis. If they will change things in our (financial) system they have to do that slowly and with little steps..

          The previous crisis is still going on.. true... but it will fix nothing with one currency or so...

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