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If skyscrapers can be built from wood, can other large items be built as well? i.e. automobiles, boats, motorized vehicles of any kind.

There are several questions to be considered in answering this question; will the wood hold up in collisions? Is there enough resources to mass produce these complex vehicles? Would an engine be able to operate with such heat on a wooden frame? Would this idea have the same benefit resourcefully as the skyscraper idea?


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    Aug 12 2013: Up until the 20th century ALL of the boats that had ever traveled on either salt water or fresh water were built out of two things: 1) hide & wood, or 2) just wood. Pole boats, canoes, row boats, sailing ships, steam ships and every other kind of ship up until about 1880 or so were all made out of wood. And wood is still used for boats in many settings.

    Wood is tough to use for an automobile. Some of the early ones were made mostly of wood, but modern engines at highway speeds are too much for a wooden frame. The engine itself has to be metal (or maybe ceramic - but that's experimental, assuming it ever worked at all). I Googled Morgan Motor Company. They're still making wooden cars.

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