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Reading a book, what makes you pick up that book?

Hello:) Even though there are a lot of ways to read books through computers or smartphones. I prefer to read a paper books. I love the feeling of paper books and sens of every page.

Few years ago, the book my friends and family had recommended only was grabbed in my hand. Because I thought the book's quality was verified by them. But these days, I set some my favorite writers, reading all their books with comparing those books. How about you?

  • Aug 7 2013: Hi Sophia :) Bet there are those out there who can expound upon the imprinting effect that the smell and texture of our first books had upon us. The warmth and comfort of someone reading to us lovingly or, possibly, the quiet and solace we found' exploring far off places' away from our less than magical childhoods. I am sure they are out there and while their explanations would undoubtedly be both interesting and enlightening, here is one instance where I will proudly iterate my preference to not knowing "why".

    I love the proverbial book smell. What is it? Would you explain it as musty our not unlike old pillows or linens? The ink too has it's smell even though the ink surely must be good and dry by the time we peruse the pages at the store. Sometimes a books binding even has a sound to contribute to the caucophany of emotions playing with our senses as we look for that one book. You know, the one we want to but but just haven't met up with it yet. Love it. Always have.

    So, I go to a book store often because it's a great place to be. Not unlike the movies but yet different. At times an hour or more can pass before my feet are walking the rest of me, hesitantly beyond the entrance of the store, to the other side, the outside, with no book in hand. Actually, most often I arrive at the book store with no outline or plan of action. Roaming, hovering, about the different isles, shelves, mounds or stacks of books, depending upon the store, my eyes fix on titles at first, not oblivious to the great graphic work on many bookcovers.

    Reading through the brief descritions in some books or being impressed by the name of a well known book or author, I find myself inevitably drawn to both authors and books whom have found grace in the eyes of previous authors whom I have read and enjoyed.. Sometimes I will search these books out and at other times enjoy happening upon them as if bumping into an acquaintance or friend of a friend.
    • Aug 7 2013: Hello Mark:-) Wandering between the book shelves is a wonderful experience. I love book store, especially the library. In the book store I can find the new one and buy it, making it as my own. But in the library, there are likely to share the one book with others. The book can be stained with dirt but with smell and impression of other readers. Loving it! Anyway, reading is an interesting activity. I feel totally relaxed when I find one which fits in my current interest, grabbing it tightly, sucking into the book gradually...:)
  • Aug 6 2013: I too am a lover of books. I love the smell of new or used book. I love the feel of paper. I love that I can write in the margins and share it with others.

    I pick up books to read based on friends recommendations, the blurb, and sometimes, professional recommendations.

    As much as I like technology, I do not like reading on an electronic device. It does not feel as personal to me.
    • Aug 7 2013: Hello, Everett Hill. So do I. I do not feel comfortable when I read texts with electronic devices. Only feeling and sens of paper satisfy me:-0 Reading paper books is kind of interpersonal process to me.
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    Aug 6 2013: Hello :)

    I use the library mostly.
    The title is what first catches my eye, if I am perusing the shelves with not intention of any one particular book.
    Next, I look at the cover......and read the inside jacket. I like to look at the picture of the author as well.

    I can usually decide by then if I'll read it.

    When in doubt, I will scim and scam the pages, and read here and there.

    The other way I come across books, is by referral from other.
    If I am discussing a topic, and someone recommends a book.
    It's great to look up books on Amazon, or Goodreads, and then see similar books that I might like.

    I have read the collections of several authors....I do enjoy author studies, particularly when the same characters evolve throughout the books the author writes.

    And, lastly, like you, I need a paper book........I don't think I will ever pick up a kindle, or any other doodad for my reading.
    • Aug 7 2013: Mary, thanks for your idea:-) Cover and design of the book are one of the most vital factors iwhen choosing books. I am usually affected by the dominant color of the book. I prefer blue, green or skyblue one because they make me fresh. I also enjoy author studies. It's really interesting, isn't it?
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    Aug 6 2013: I like to browse in bookshops. Reading the blurb and making a choice on the books uniqueness. I like odd / unusual books like "The 100 year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared" and the classic "The Club of Queer Trades". I like reading the feedback reviews on amazon or Goodreads.
    • Aug 6 2013: Hello Heather:) Some unique books are quite more appealing than others. Classics are worth reading but some of them are so long winded and do not attract me as I thought. But it is obvious that Classics offer plentiful lessons to the readers. According to your comment, I want to try reading some unique books thanks!
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    Aug 6 2013: Hi, Sophia!
    For me, it's a special appeal; I wander among books into a library or a bookshop, or at home, I smell them, see them, caress them. And in a concrete moment, one of them appeals to me, calls me, begins to shine more than others. This is the one I'll read the next.
    • Aug 6 2013: Interesting, Sean:0 Same with me in some way. I love to walk around the book shelves. Mostly, I find the exactly book which I already know the title but sometimes I get tired of it and a certain desire comes from my heart. Then wandering is starting. "The book appeals to me" is very impressing expression to me Sean, thanks:)
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        Aug 7 2013: Sophia: I wrote it from the bottom of my heart. Relationship with books is something special, it's something not understandable for people who hasn't feel this kind of feelings. Although one's desire would be that everybody could enjoy these experiences. I use to say to my next ones, that the only place one can find a real peace, a tender rest, is among our books, watching them, smelling them, touching them. And reading them, one and more times.
        In my opinion, one can read the same book many times. Nor the book will be the same, neither oneself will be the same person. One has changed, is not the same person, supposedly has evolutioned (or not) and the book, can show you news aspects which the last time the book couldn't show you and/or you couldn't find into it.
        And what about the pleasure of learning from the best people, even when they've passed away! More valuable than pure gold! :-)
        • Aug 7 2013: The elderly who I know often say that is some kind of that book. They had read it because their parents enforce them to read. Growing up, they have an opportunity to read the same one with their own wiil. And the feeling and lessons come in a different way because the reader has changed , so does the book. Enjoy your reading, Sean! :P
  • Aug 5 2013: I agree when I am home I read a book with actual pages. There is just something about turning the pages and the feel. I listen to people but
    1. the author
    2. subject/title
    3. reviews if any
    that is the order i use. But I always break the rules because I love finding a new author that I have never read that can draw me in with his/her writing, telling of the tale, and characters. The depth of characters is key for me.
    • Aug 6 2013: Hello wayne uejio:) Thanks for your reply. Yes, I do think that your order is an ideal one. Every book has its own lesson or meaning but sometimes those that theme does not inspire me as I thought. But finding new authors' book is quite adventurous thing:)
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    Aug 12 2013: Oh buddy! I love books. I like old leather books the best. But I like just having books around.

    Right now, I have about 30,000 books on disk. You can download a DVD on-line with that many books on it. It's free.