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Reading a book, what makes you pick up that book?

Hello:) Even though there are a lot of ways to read books through computers or smartphones. I prefer to read a paper books. I love the feeling of paper books and sens of every page.

Few years ago, the book my friends and family had recommended only was grabbed in my hand. Because I thought the book's quality was verified by them. But these days, I set some my favorite writers, reading all their books with comparing those books. How about you?

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  • Aug 6 2013: I like to browse in bookshops. Reading the blurb and making a choice on the books uniqueness. I like odd / unusual books like "The 100 year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared" and the classic "The Club of Queer Trades". I like reading the feedback reviews on amazon or Goodreads.
    • Aug 6 2013: Hello Heather:) Some unique books are quite more appealing than others. Classics are worth reading but some of them are so long winded and do not attract me as I thought. But it is obvious that Classics offer plentiful lessons to the readers. According to your comment, I want to try reading some unique books thanks!

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