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Hold meetings outside the office, like at a restaurant or coffee shop to inspire the the thought process for new ideas.

I was inspired by Nilofer Merchant's idea of holding a meeting while taking a walk. Holding a meeting somewhere outside the office will inspire the thought process of those individuals due to the being in new surroundings, seeing how others interact or mother nature herself. Business men have been holding sales calls while golfing for a very long time, so why not use the same process and hold a small meeting at a coffee shop or restaurant overlooking the beach or some other interesting or inspiring place.
We have meetings every day in conference rooms or over the web while in our office, but how can one be stimulated while starring at the same walls day in and day out.


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    Aug 11 2013: I heard a story about a CEO whole goes on a trip when he has an important dicision to make. And while he's abroad, he carefully thinks about it and it helps him make good decisions. I agree that, by changing the surrundings, we can get new ideas. However, I'm afraid that it may go too informal. Do you think extremely important meetings should also be held in a coffee shop? What is the boundary between new ideas and not being serious?

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