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How should one find his/her passion?

Hello TED members,
I have a question in mind. How to filter my interests to find my passion?
As a child, I have always been interested in almost everything. I am good at a lot of activities and love doing all of them. I have many interests, i am great at all of them, and am passionate about all. It bothers me a lot because then i can't really choose a profession which i would like for certain.
To start with, i love playing guitar. I can literally play guitar all day, i love writing and reading novels, i love physics and maths, i love basketball, i love delivering speeches, i love technology and computer science, i love meeting new people and striking challenging conversations with them (debates), i love economics, i love english and i love tennis and swimming and acting.
If anyone asks me to, i can do any of these things, for a long long time without getting bored...
This is ridiculously annoying cause even after my best efforts, i tend to love many things and can't focus at excellence in one. Its like im a jack of all trades, master of none. This annoys me and i can't choose a profession. I am in grade 10, and i know its too early. But i just like almost everything i start with. I have developed hate for some things and i start to hate things just as easy as i start to love them. Next thing you know, im out there spending my days learning how to play the saxophone. =.=

So please, guide me for i am befuddled.
Thank you for your precious time and would appreciate active participation for i really need guidance.

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    Aug 5 2013: If you do not mind some advice from a person who went through a phase like yours, just enjoy everything. You don't need to find your passion. Your passion will find you.
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    Aug 30 2013: For me, it's always been clear. I didn't come from a musical family, but the moment I sat down with a bass guitar, that was the end for everything else. Writing has always been there, as well.
    First of all, it's ok to have a breadth of talents and interests; that's not unlike me... I couldn't settle on a major in college because of it, in fact. I consider myself lucky that I had my passions figured out for me. I have a lot of interests in many areas, but at the end of the day, the things that make my heart resonate the most fully are writing, music and sharing meaningful conversations with people I care about. To discover passion, I believe the most effect method is to take your self completely out of the picture. The times when I am absolutely at my peak in musical performance is when I have no concept of "me," the music IS me, and it just flows right out. This is a lot easier said than done, but it's that feeling of complete surrender, trust and gratitude that's experienced when you're doing something.
    Being preceeds doing, however, so to get in touch with your purpose, a certain amount of diving into your own person is necessary. My first book was my experience of doing just that.
    Argh... This is jumbled a bit, but I have to run. I hope it helps! Feel free to e-mail me anytime. I'd love to help in any way I possibly can.
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    Aug 17 2013: Hi Anem,

    I can definitely help you, but I have a request from you, first up.
    I am also in a dilemma. I need your help and once that is done, I can concentrate to help you.

    The problem is, I am going out with 8 beautiful, gorgeous, intelligent, attractive and seductive ladies, at different times.
    I have been going out with them for sometime, and I need to choose one for a wife, I can feel some pressure to do so. The problem is I love them all, and I do not want to be unfair to any of them, and I do not want to hurt any of them. I find it so difficult to make up my mind.

    Will you help me before they all walk out on me?
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    Aug 7 2013: I always asked if you could do whatever you wanted and make whatever amount of money what would it be?

    Stipulation: you have to be GREAT at it allowing it to always reinvent itself.!

    My answer: Helping people
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    Aug 7 2013: I've thought about this a lot and hopefully I can help "guide" you as you put.

    For most things, diminishing returns is evident. Eat a lot of candy (esp. in a short period) and the last or most recent piece of candy won't taste as good as the first. Eventually most things get monotonous after a lot of time is spent doing those things. For me, hiking gets boring after the first two to three miles. It's like this for a lot of things, except science and thinking critically. For science (and most of STEM really) and thinking deeply, I feel like I could do it all day and then want to stay up in the night. In classes, I pay attention in history and spanish, but really have my focus on and am in anticipation for science, math, english, and Theory of Knowledge (unless I know it's going to be one of the classes where we are just taking notes or doing some other low mental activity).

    If you find something that never bores you and upsets you when it is over, I think that would be your passion or at least one of them.
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    Aug 7 2013: Anem, You should be so proud of yourself. No need for fear or confusion. There are many people that only know one thing, and when they lose it, they have nothing. If you only have one employable skill, there is nothing to fall back on, so I say more is better. My son had many interests growing up also, from music to hockey and writing and art. It was one day, when he was 13 years old that he decided that he wanted to help people that had speech problems. His nana had a stroke and had trouble speaking. It just happened to come to him. He is now a PhD in research science for hearing impairment. So be patient and you will find your true calling. Then do the work and be passionate about it. Love your work. You are young still and trying many different things is both fun and gives you ideas about your options. Best of luck to you.
  • Aug 7 2013: Hi Anem,
    I can relate!
    You know what, I felt the same frustration as you do now, especially when I was surrounded by friends and siblings who were heading in such clear directions. I ended up embracing my 'multi-talentedness' and found I was able to utilize my various skills and passions in a variety of professions through the years!

    I found it interesting that you tagged this conversation with the term 'conflict of interests' when to me, it sounds like you have a wonderful combination of interests that many would be envious of!

    I also think nowadays, employers are eager to hire multi-skilled people.

    As far as some concrete advice goes and choosing a study - if I were you, I'd focus on the passion that you enjoy and that you are yearning to know more about, the one that will inspire you to wake up in the morning, the one that will give you the most energy.
    And remember, even when you do make a choice, it's never chiseled in stone. Like my Mom always said, 'You make a decision, and if it doesn't work out, you make another one'.
    Embrace it! It's what makes you who you are!
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      Aug 7 2013: I don't want to sound scary but a multi-talented /multi-skilled person's life can get difficult or painful at some point, particularly at young age. Such a person gets praise but not trust and friendship - because people normally don't feel comfortable with very talented persons in social settings. Plus when young these persons are extra confused with their talent and higher emotional/intelligence quotients. Sometimes these breed rudeness, loneliness and hyper-sensitivity. We should treat highly talented kids with love and extra caution.

      The best antidote is however to simply enjoy the gift.
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        Aug 7 2013: Pabitra da from my observation it seems people with higher IQ if lacks EQ faces more trouble, but if s/he is gifted with both high IQ and EQ then tend to have less challenge of being alone.
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      Aug 7 2013: I agree Lizanne, that it sounds like a wonderful combination of interests that many would be envious of. I also had a very wide range of interests, as did my children, and I perceive being multi skilled/talented as enjoyable.

      I also agree that any choice that is made is never chiseled in stone. I've changed directions many times in the life experience, and so have my kids! I find that different stages of life often offer time and new opportunity to try something different.

      Perhaps a multi-talented/multi-skilled person's life can get difficult because they have so many choices? I don't agree with your idea that people normally don't feel comfortable with very talented persons....that has not been my experience, or the experience of my kids. They have always had lots of good friends, as I have.

      I wholeheartedly agree Pabitra...enjoy the gift!!!
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        Aug 8 2013: My experience was a bit different, but I guess we all come to the same conclusions through different ways. Not everyone is a Colleen Steen darling :) But yes, life is an open book - we can never say this is the last chapter. Hugs.
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          Aug 8 2013: And that, my dear friend Pabitra, is what makes life so interesting.....we are all different!

          Actually, my daughter contemplated this issue when she was a teen. She had 3 very best was an athlete, one a musician, and one a scholar. They all did well in other disciplines, and it was very obvious that their focus was on their particular chosen passion.

          My daughter was passionate about everything she did (passionate about life), so, she was not as good with music, as the musician, but she played in the band, sang in musical theater and chorus, etc., She was not quite as good as the athlete in sports, but she played basketball, softball, skied, swam, biked, etc. And she was not the valedictorian of her graduating class (her friend the scholar took that honor and my daughter was third in line).

          She often asked the question......should I focus on one thing and reach toward a certain goal with that one thing? Or should I experience everything. My advise to her, was usually to follow her heart. Did she want to focus on one thing? Or did she want to experience everything? Her answer usually was that she wanted to experience everything. My recommendation to her go girl!!!

          Hugs Pabitra.....always nice talking with you:>)
  • Aug 6 2013: Look for a job or career that requires you to be passionate about everything. Perhaps something that lets you teach passion to those who cannot find motivation?

    In grade 10 it is great that you enjoy all you learn. Enjoying what you learn an the learning process might mean you will be successful as a student in higher education.

    Perhaps you should keep the breadth of what you learn wide for as long as possible, and only narrow the field when something in particular appeals to you. As Pabitra indicates, this may give you passion the best chance at finding you. You might also consider follow on education that enables you to blend two or more interests into a new interest. When you do have to make a decisions about arts or sciences, mathematics or music, etc., perhaps you keep your generalized program of study general as long as you can, then make only the highest level career choice decision until you narrow the choices. Hopefully by then something will stand out or perhaps an opportunity might arise for you that makes one choice seem better than the others.
  • Aug 6 2013: Hello Anem Dickens! It's great to see you considerate your future career or dream in your early ages. Many adults regret later that they did not decide what to do for making money yet. I think, the fact that you are going through the process of deep thought of yourself is meaningful as it is.

    Our society needs various people. Some company needs people who are versatile. On the other hand, other company wants one who is specialized in his/her field. It is totally up to you and I am sure that you will be choose the best one, going after your heart:-0
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    Aug 5 2013: It seems learning new thing / staying curious is your passion. That's great !!! Nothing to worry as very well said by Pabitra below .