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Why I think Dan Pallotta is wrong about charity and social business

In his widely viewed talk Dan makes the case for attracting talent to charity and assert that only charity will address the needs of those business won't reach. The same argument has been made for social business in highlighting where capitalism fails to trick down to a minority.

Recently Peter Buffet wrote of a Charitable Industrial Complex. What he says resonates with my experience of tackling poverty in Ukraine where young people sell themselves on the streets and 60% of those afflicted with HIV/ AIDS have no access to treatment in spite of massive aid donations.



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  • Aug 8 2013: Peter Buffet calls for a new approach. He doesn't want to end capitalism, but introduce humanism.

    The Death Camps for Children story was the beginning of a social business An alternative to capitalism where humans come first.

    The story revealed how NGOs were coopted into silence for fear of reprisals and fear of losing donors.

    For many it was a story they didn't want to hear. for some a story they didn't want others to hear.


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