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How can we avert / minimize the brain-drain from countries in crisis?

Many young, bright Greeks with excellent ideas, energy to work hard and prove themselves want to leave Greece. It’s similar for Egyptians, Tunisians, Armenians, Portuguese and other countries in crisis. Morale is at an all-time low and something drastic has to happen in order to change the trend. A country without young educated people has no future.
Could in our case the solution be the Greeks of the Diaspora?


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  • Apr 12 2011: I agree with most of Yorgos' comments. It is like making an aircraft carrier turn around. Not easily accomplished, and something that is done gradually. I disagree with his first idea, in that i think Greece has historically been mostly driven by entrepreneurial, or at least smaller and/or family run companies, rather than large corporations. That being said, his second idea is crucial for a paradigm shift to occur. Having worked in the US my entire career, I will be the first to say that "who you know" is equallly important to "what you know", but in Greece it seems to be 90% "who you know" and 10% "what you know". This would be incredibly demoralizing for anyone not lucky enough to have gone to the "right" schools, and when added to the slow pace of change must be madenning for young people with drive, ambition, ideas and knowledge. It is vital that young people are made to feel that the game is fair for them, otherwise they will continue to seek a more balanced playing field abroad. I would like to see funds that are now being used to prop up an inflated public sector be diverted and provided for start-up capital for new businesses by our disenfranchised youth. It will get harder before it gets better, but if the future is what we care about then some short term suffering by many now, to benefit all in 20 years time, may be the price we all pay.

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