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Can social media be used by marketers to cover negative feedback?

Everyone thinks that social media can give people the chance to speak up and help people amplify their voice, but can you cover these voices with social media marketing?

An example would be Samsung, which spends 4.3 billion dollars this year on advertising. Apple is "only" spending 1 billion, but they have a great marketing machine which explains why we rarely hear about the abuses of their Chinese business partners and they don't seem to be concerned about it.

Do you think that these companies, and others, are basically "influencing" the social media universe by heavily promoting their products, thus making complaints and negative stories almost irrelevant?

If this is possible, should we question the real power of social media and ask either it's much different from traditional media when it comes to advertising, which was controlled by whoever had the most money to spend.

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    Aug 5 2013: Apple are brilliant at 'marketing' which., let's face it, is the acceptable way to say 'lying' or at least only revealing the good bits.

    I'm sure there are already billions spent on dealing with social network marketing but I believe that positive feedback or negative feedback has nothing to do with it. they are just happy to have traffic.

    and so it keeps going - like our page/product and be in the chance to win this thing. the likes are held up as contact with a market despite the fact that many people probably don't care a jot, they just wanted the latest iPox mini-max tablet 5..