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Should consumer-based companies like Google take over our failing education system?

If schools were administered similar to a consumer-based company like Google, where a student’s outcome was paramount to what the product is, what would the outcome be for the students; would they learn more and love what they are learning, because even Google has found a business model that even makes working fun?

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  • Aug 9 2013: Take over? No. Influence? Yes. There are philosophical and actionable practices that companies like Google and Apple employ that make them successful companies. Keep in mind that while some aspects of philosophy and practice may cross pollenate, Google and Apple and in the business sector and schools are not and that means the rules are different for accountability and protection of performance.

    That being said, schools can learn from these companies. We can learn from the research that goes into creating a healthy, happy, and motivated work environment. How do you do that? You give your employees (or students in this case) autonomy (read or watch Dan Pink) over new learning. Allow people to explore things they WANT to do (or learn about) and they will be more effective at the things they HAVE to do. One other profound difference in how these companies operate compared to the vast majority of other companies is they start with WHY...they start with the purpose. Many school leaders, like many CEO's, start with WHAT and HOW. It is difficult for teachers, students, or employees to help move the ship if they don't know why they are doing it (read or watch Simon Sinek).

    Over the last year our school has begun to incorporate these two big ideas into our daily practice and we have seen some good qualitative results. We are hopeful that over the coming years we will also see some good quantitative growth.

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