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Interstellar Potholes

Potholes distort the shape of a road. If space time can be thought of as a road then there might be areas where space time is distorted. These might be thought of as a interstellar potholes. Maybe baby universes or galaxies might be sprouting from these. These maybe thought of as worm holes.

  • Aug 9 2013: This is just theoretical. What if there could be phenomena like this?
  • Aug 6 2013: Space is nothing like a road you can't compare it to a road and just take the trait of the road and think it would be the same in space. could there be meteors and radiation and black holes? yes but a pot hole refers to a hole in a 2 demential road space is 3 dimensions and i guess a black hole could be considered a pot hole but that's all i could see with that.
  • Aug 4 2013: Maybe it's worse than that Just think how hard space travel is on human bodies.
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    Aug 4 2013: dang bloc o dau vay cac ban oi