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Who makes the change?- a scientist, a social reformer or a writer.

When disciplines of studies fight for superiority, science often gains upper hand. Are we forgetting the social reformers like Gandhi? The writers who have stored their wisdom in their immortal works are also not given their due share of recognition. Too much emphasis on science has resulted in the erosion of social, ecological and spiritual values.


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    Aug 5 2013: I don't think change is made by a certain profession, it is made by a CERTAIN PERSON.
    Artists like Picasso changed the way we think. Thoreau, a poet changed social reform. Neil Armstrong taught us that there is no such thing as impossible. Princess Diana changed the way we think about the poor. Cornel West teaches us to not forget our history. The Wright Brothers changed transportation. Steve Jobs changed IT forever. ETC ETC

    It's not the profession. It's always the person. It's that person's ability to create change because they take risks and aren't afraid of falling. (in my opinion at least!)

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