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Can a global government work?

Can a world government work on Earth? Even if it could, will it ever happen? What are the potential upsides and downsides of such a government? I want to hear your thoughts.


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    Aug 4 2013: Thanks Harrison for your post. In my opinion, yes a global government could work!

    I have given this matter in fact, much thought and believe that the tools for such a reality are in fact well within our grasp.... with a little modification!

    Tell me more I hear you say!..... nah..... oh ... ok

    So here we all are, reading this post here.... on TED.... to be honest in a world population of some 7 billion, there ain't that many on TED... some 2 million in total and dare I say significantly less than that here reading this post!

    Oh wow I hear you say... such a massive issue has now deginerated into such a minority.... how can anything transpire from one teensy wincy post from someone who ( snicker snicker), calls themselves the "Time Traveller" .....

    In many ways I would concur and agree, however, I do strongly believe that here via TED we can develop ideas (worth spreading) by refining them here via posts such as yours and IF we also could amalganate other conversation posts that overlapped with this one (closed and open), then we could develop strategies to improve our world and society.

    That said, in my opinion, TED could provide a conduit for the development of a GLOBAL GOVERNANCE CHARTER as developed by viewpoints/posts from TED COMMUNITY MEMBERS! : D

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