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Was the army's ouster of Egypt's president a military takeover (coup)?

I watch news from all over US, BBC, RT, China today, etc .... There is little said about Egypt in the US news. Most of the countries say that a coup occurred. The US Secretary of State says no coup occurred However, Gehad El Haddad, a Muslim Brotherhood spokesman asked, "Does Secretary Kerry accept Defense Secretary Hagel to step in and remove Obama if large protests take place in America? Will the U.S. army freeze the constitution and dismantle congress and senate? Can they appoint a president that they solely choose?”

Sounds like a coup to me .... The US lack of diplomatic relations has made it necessary for US citizen and embassies to be on alert and avoid certain parts of the world. Should we continue to have career politicians be in charge of the diplomatic efforts .... has not worked well since John Foster Dulles.


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    Aug 3 2013: Yes

    As you know O needs to keep giving money to his agenda acolytes.

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