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Imagine a world with no geographical boundaries between countries. I think that if it happens then there would be more peace on Earth.

This idea has occupied my mind for a long time and finally I think that it is the time to discuss it with the world. Imagine such a world where there are no geographical boundaries between countries, I think in this way the cultures will merge together and there would be a blend of different values. There would certainly be less or no racism and I think that all in all we will have a more peaceful world where we all can live in mutual harmony!


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    Aug 10 2013: Prosperity in the future will be derived from seamless collaboration across organisations, industry, government and society. We need to transcend geographic boundaries. Wisdom Networks crowd create Network Society ( http://is.gd/wnecon ).

    The community (or crowd) has been building the foundation for distributed prosperity for decades - the first three elements data (internet completed in 30 years), information (world wide web in 15 years), community (social networks in 10 years) ... the 3 elements to be distributed are collaboration, knowledge and wisdom will be achieved in less than 5 years with wisdom networks.

    IF we restructure communities FROM point to point communication and its centralised form in the physical world TO peer to peer collaboration and distributed contribution over the internet, THEN it solves huge problems resulting from Information Age structures and delivers a new era of productivity, growth and distributed prosperity. Distributed prosperity can be enabled in 1-2 years with less than 30 networks and 900 people and it could transform the world in 2-5 years.

    It’s as simple as organising “things” in the Internet of Everything (IoE) into “books” and sharing them!. Facebook has trained the global community in distributed structures and the creation of content (linking “things” into “books”) and distribution with engagement of content (sharing them with others). We need to do the same thing for every other human endeavour. A Wisdom Network simply organises Wisdom using meta data and meta flows to provide structure, meaning, intent (like a phone call with more features and functions).

    The NWN presentation and economic development introduction letter is available at http://is.gd/wnecon . There are also detailed presentation on European Wisdom (a Wisdom Network for the EU), Health Wisdom, Equity Market (or innovation) wisdom. I also delivered a presentation at a Comms Day Conference on 17th July 2013 ( http://is.gd/cd17jul13 ) on Australia 3.0 .

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