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Imagine a world with no geographical boundaries between countries. I think that if it happens then there would be more peace on Earth.

This idea has occupied my mind for a long time and finally I think that it is the time to discuss it with the world. Imagine such a world where there are no geographical boundaries between countries, I think in this way the cultures will merge together and there would be a blend of different values. There would certainly be less or no racism and I think that all in all we will have a more peaceful world where we all can live in mutual harmony!


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  • Aug 6 2013: I think the exact opposite, this would end up in chaos... No boundaries would mean that a single government would be in charge, that would not be able to satisfy all folks in respect of their needs, it would lead to a huge underrepresentation of minorities and to civil war. Similiar to as the artificial partition of Africa did. That's why a nation state is a good thing:

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      Aug 6 2013: Florian, its all about imagination, your chaotic imagination makes me feel an ordered future. A very very ordered world.
      • Aug 6 2013: in how far is my imagination chaotic? And how do you see these inevitable problems solved? greetings :)
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          Aug 9 2013: When you say, this would end up in chaos, civil war, huge under representation of minorities, you painting a bleak prospective for a globe with no boundaries.
          However, i feel, in few more years, The online library of universal knowledge will be available to anyone for free.
          No one will be spared from centralized monitoring and a whole new generation of technology of cameras will enable us to monitor ourselves for crime, aid and anomalies. Every security camera will become the part of universal hub to share information about any desired criminal.
          The renewable energy solutions will delete some items from commodity list and world will be free from depending upon mining of earth hydrocarbon.
          A universal language will be in place which will help you to understand anyone around with powerful and quick translators.
          Robots will take over industries and labor regime for people will end.
          And this is an exhaustive list, pure imagination which was triggered by your chaotic end.

          Greetings and Best
      • Aug 9 2013: These predictions are possible, some of them even probable, but how is it connected to the question?
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          Aug 9 2013: Infact, if you feel that these predictions are possible, then you have appreciated the inevitability of universal systems. Today, we are fast approaching towards singular entity within several light years around us. When i am saying "we" its a metaphor for what? Yes, i am talking about us. People everywhere in the world are connecting miraculously, and physical boundaries are now penetrated without any problems through cellular technology. Once, air borne self flying vehicles are there, world has to realign its immigration laws with the speed of our journey.
          Anyhow, i still feel, my version was based on your chaos and we are drifting towards a more pluralistic version of earth.
      • Aug 9 2013: I think you very much view this as a race state versus the people - but don't forget that democracies and dictatorships are manmade, they rise and fall with the people, and they will most certainly evolve with them. Tech can be used for good and for bad purpose. There are numerous examples, the Internet and cellular network you refer to allows us to connect with one another but also fuels secret mass-surveillance-systems like PRISM and Tempora that can and have been used against everyone... flying vehicles, no matter if self-flying or not, will help us to move around faster, but in the past the availability of tanks and jets were the catalysts that made two wars on a global scale possible. Not even mentioning the atomic bomb. And the most scary part is, that self-flying vehicles (drones) were available to the military before anyone else, as well as the Internet, which was originally designed as a communication-system for the US-military.
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          Aug 10 2013: Florian,when soldiers fight, people strive.
          And i dont see it state versus people. to me this is about peace versus war. The historical fault lines among civilizations are favoring a chaos bound future. Unfortunately, some of these fault lines are buried deep under border lines. Indian-Pakistan Border is the most dangerous and volatile border in the World. Nukes across aimed at whom? Can we see it like State waging a Nuclear Army against a powerful nuclear arsenal of another state? Do we really bordering an enemy state or people?
          If we keep on teaching our kids about historical vendetta against enemies, we ll provoke a regime of hate and terror. (The same was experimented in Afghanistan about quarter of a century ago, a whole young generation was taught to Jihad against Russia. The kids were taught with illustrations of Jihad. Like Class Five kids were taught if a bullet from a gun in the hand of a Jihadi travels at 5 m/s and if Kafir Russion (Infidel Russion) is 500 meter away, how much time it will take to hit infidel?. Now the whole world is under attack from these non state actors. ) And only if we teach our kids about peace and humanism, we ll bring peace in the world.
          What i was saying, let s think about peace, have visions about better world, lets hope for peaceful future of mankind. Let s make a choice to be on peace side. Dont kill anyone for serving your wishes. Lets not bleed for saving blood. And lets dont fight for peace. Lets strive for peace.
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      Aug 6 2013: Well Florian, The thing is that if we think that there would be chaos then there would be chaos, If we the think there would be peace then we will convince our mind that there would be peace. As Qamar says, its all about imagination!
      I have always been referring to the fact that before this could happen, there should be proper awakening of our senses and there should be proper awareness given to the people so that they can respect and accept the differences.
      • Aug 6 2013: this is all very theoretical, how can you embrace each others differences while you force people to place back their individal needs by putting them in a multiethnic state? I think that you basically propose communism, making all human beings equal...This is a great idea in theory, but that is not us, that's not how we are. And this is also the reason why borders and different countries exist in the first place, they are not the reason for our problems but the expression of our need of self-determination. If you could theoretically make borders superfluous, they would disappear by themselves, but it is senseless to just abolish them, while not fighting the reason they exist a priori...

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