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Imagine a world with no geographical boundaries between countries. I think that if it happens then there would be more peace on Earth.

This idea has occupied my mind for a long time and finally I think that it is the time to discuss it with the world. Imagine such a world where there are no geographical boundaries between countries, I think in this way the cultures will merge together and there would be a blend of different values. There would certainly be less or no racism and I think that all in all we will have a more peaceful world where we all can live in mutual harmony!


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    Aug 5 2013: Peace depends on the willingness to share resources, not the absence of geographical boundaries.

    Even if there were no boundaries, the resources upon which we all depend would still be concentrated in certain areas and they would still be regarded as the property of the community nearest to it, or coveted by other communities elsewhere who depend on it. That is no recipe for peace.

    The more globalised we become, the less world peace is possible.

    As I see it, the only way peace is possible is for the re-emergence of local communities and local economies. That is the only way democracy and respect for our neighbours can be possible. True democracy and respect for others is more likely to end in peace on Earth - it can only happen only on a small scale.
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      Aug 5 2013: Allan, i think if we are going to count earthly resources, you are right. It limits our imagination and we start believing that Resources are scarce. This scarcity is a paradox and paradox does not exist in nature.
      Today, this is a known fact that universe is not scarce. If Jupiter, can take more than 70 thousand earths and is a giant ball of methane, i think fighting over earthly methane and maintaining nuclear arsenals to protect this tiny gas reserves is the stupidest act of mankind.
      Universal age has come upon us and we must say goodbye to old notions of resources. Emergence of universal languages is another indicator that local communities are ready to connect to universal networks. This way i feel the global peace is not a mere dream anymore, EU is best example to quote here.
    • Aug 6 2013: Allan Macdougall I completely agree with you sir

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