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Imagine a world with no geographical boundaries between countries. I think that if it happens then there would be more peace on Earth.

This idea has occupied my mind for a long time and finally I think that it is the time to discuss it with the world. Imagine such a world where there are no geographical boundaries between countries, I think in this way the cultures will merge together and there would be a blend of different values. There would certainly be less or no racism and I think that all in all we will have a more peaceful world where we all can live in mutual harmony!

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    Aug 4 2013: I have always had this idea that one day, all the countries will be united and they're will be just one big country: Earth. However, I found out that there are some problems with this plan.
    1. There are many countries that are in total chaos and cannot control themselves. If all the countries are united, who will control us and how? The world is too large to be controlled by just one government.
    2. If the world is united, we should have a language that will be used for communicating each other; after all, we would all come from the same country. However, it is basically impossible for us to have one language. In my country, due to geographical separations between regions, there are many dialects, and they are considered one of the most important cultures of our society. If we are going to have one language, doesn't that mean we are going to throw out many valuable cultures?
    3. Looking from a different view, uniting every country may lead to neglecting many great and unique cultures. And it is very hard to merge all the cultures. For example, religion; Hindus don't eat beef, whereas Muslims don't eat pork. How can we manage this?
    I think unity is very important, but so is diversity. If we try to unite the countries hurriedly, we may be losing our goal of being united: World peace.
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      Aug 5 2013: Hey Hong, The fact is that it is our duty to help the country which is in total chaos! We all are too self centred, too selfish to even realise our sole purpose of creation. We all have been created equal so why not destroy this superiority complex? I would rather let my country get poor, by helping the poor, instead of getting rich by taking the wealth of the poor, Which every country is doing right now.
      If we learn how to co-exist and we, for an instance try to kind of forget the differences then there would be very little need of a government, but yes still we will need one. So the thing I purpose is that we merge the governments as well, But it cannot happen without proper awareness of this thing and for that we need to work.
      This is the concept of globalization. We can all have a single, common language to communicate. If we learn to live together then we can very easily learn to communicate, I don't think that it is a very big problem. It won't mean throwing out cultures, it will just mean that we have merged all the cultures to create a unique culture with the mutual understandings.
      Again the thing which comes to my mind after reading your 'point 3' is that if we are given awareness and if we are ready to accept this situation and we are willing to be a global citizen and we sacrifice nationalism then muslims and hindus can also coexist, at the end of the day, we all are same, we all are humans!
      Yup, so true, nothing can happen through haste! We should wait and first try to convince people and try to spread the true knowledge of this merger.
  • Aug 3 2013: Jehanzeb, this has been a long-time occupier of my thoughts too. I think the imaginary lines we draw on maps to distinguish countries are certainly outdated, and probably cause more problems than they solve. However, the merging of cultures that you discuss here is probably something many people are afraid of. I suppose it is comforting to live in a country that has the same values, the same language, and the same heritage as you do; in short, it is comforting to live in a country full of people like you. That is why the nation-state has had such success, but with the emergence of the internet and a global community, it is hard to say how much longer it will be relevant. It's a really great dream, but in light of the distrust currently spewing between nations, I don't know how feasible it is right now.
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      Aug 5 2013: Nothing is impossible, it is perfectly feasible, the only thing required is the right kind of attitude to accept the change. It is the way to go, in the future, for how long will we be divided between lower and upper classes? Between this stupid concept of countries? It is the time to embrace what is coming in our direction and that is globalisation.
      • Aug 6 2013: I love your attitude. If everyone in the world thought like you did, the world would change, for sure. A lot of people on here are very pessimistic, and I think that's an indication of the world attitude in general right now. I attempt to sway people to our side by participating in discussions like this one :) I spent some time on, and I really appreciate your work with that, it's one of the coolest things I've seen in a while. I'm a teenager from the U.S., and I hate being defined as an American, I would much sooner identify myself as a globalist. I don't understand why, when we have things as revolutionary as the internet, we can't come together person to person instead of through (biased) nation-state governments. I hope to see something like this happen within my lifetime.
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          Aug 6 2013: Hey Harrison, I am glad you are understanding what you are saying. I am a pakistani, but I already consider myself a global citizen. Thanks for your appreciation of the project. You can join us too! :)
          I wouldn't have been saying all these things here today if I hadn't done anything to change the present situation. We have to give our best and then afterwards hope for the best.
          Well it already is happening, through internet I mean. The world is already a global village of a sort, it is just that this thing has to be applied in the real world, I mean we have to take this thing out of the world of internet and computer.
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    Aug 6 2013: Hey, I have a lot of things going through my mind in regards to my idea. You see my idea has already begun to take shape, the world is already a global village, you can see this on the internet. It is just the time to take this out of the boundaries of the internet.
    The foremost and the most important step to take in this regard is the identifying our priorities and then shaping our own minds to accept the change. It is 'us' who have to do this ourselves.
    The next thing is the spreading of awareness and promotion of mutual understandings. For this we have to find people having the right knowledge and who really think that it can happen.
    The other way is by promoting the concept of globalization and the global citizenship.
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    Aug 6 2013: I've also been thinking about this for a long time. And I do believe the world is headed towards that already. yes I know that right now, more political boundaries are being created, not fewer.

    As humans interact more, we realise that we all have similar goals and ideals.
    The internet brought more awareness. International trade, travel, going to universities in other countries all bring awareness and acceptance of others. We see 'them' as people rather than stereotypes. This will continue as long as the existing governments don't adopt extremely exclusionary policies or military states.

    We then have treaty made alliances that then state mutual standards for the countries involved. This is a way of homogenizing the world in ways that are acceptable to all involved. They help us identify with each other without giving up our identity.

    Human rights, development goals, environmental protection, education, healthcare, etc. It's a slow process, but slow is also the least violent and most permanent. I see that eventually, the lines on a map are just going to be formalities until people finally admit it.

    Did you have specific steps or guidelines in mind?
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    Aug 5 2013: Peace depends on the willingness to share resources, not the absence of geographical boundaries.

    Even if there were no boundaries, the resources upon which we all depend would still be concentrated in certain areas and they would still be regarded as the property of the community nearest to it, or coveted by other communities elsewhere who depend on it. That is no recipe for peace.

    The more globalised we become, the less world peace is possible.

    As I see it, the only way peace is possible is for the re-emergence of local communities and local economies. That is the only way democracy and respect for our neighbours can be possible. True democracy and respect for others is more likely to end in peace on Earth - it can only happen only on a small scale.
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      Aug 5 2013: Allan, i think if we are going to count earthly resources, you are right. It limits our imagination and we start believing that Resources are scarce. This scarcity is a paradox and paradox does not exist in nature.
      Today, this is a known fact that universe is not scarce. If Jupiter, can take more than 70 thousand earths and is a giant ball of methane, i think fighting over earthly methane and maintaining nuclear arsenals to protect this tiny gas reserves is the stupidest act of mankind.
      Universal age has come upon us and we must say goodbye to old notions of resources. Emergence of universal languages is another indicator that local communities are ready to connect to universal networks. This way i feel the global peace is not a mere dream anymore, EU is best example to quote here.
    • Aug 6 2013: Allan Macdougall I completely agree with you sir
  • Aug 5 2013: Hello, Jehanzeb Mirza:). Your idea is great. And I think the purpose of all humanity is ultimately merging together the whole world. But, Would non-exist geographical boundaries mean there will not be any fight or discrimination? It is obvious that if that world comes, our society would become more peaceful. But it requires mature citizenships to all global people.
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      Aug 5 2013: Hey Sophia, I am glad you replied. Look, to have this goal achieved or to have a world like this, we would first have to go through a lot of organised steps and the most important step is to spread awareness that how to respect the other cultures and how to ultimately respect the differences. Obviously this can't happen overnight, It will require a lot of devoted hard work in this field, but I think that at some point it is bound to happen.
      Yes, I really think that cutting down the geographical boundaries ultimately will lead to a more peaceful world. The differences or the conflicts I see in this world are mainly due to the thinking of superiority of the people of one specific region over the other, but this is not true, we all have been created as equals!
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    Aug 10 2013: Prosperity in the future will be derived from seamless collaboration across organisations, industry, government and society. We need to transcend geographic boundaries. Wisdom Networks crowd create Network Society ( ).

    The community (or crowd) has been building the foundation for distributed prosperity for decades - the first three elements data (internet completed in 30 years), information (world wide web in 15 years), community (social networks in 10 years) ... the 3 elements to be distributed are collaboration, knowledge and wisdom will be achieved in less than 5 years with wisdom networks.

    IF we restructure communities FROM point to point communication and its centralised form in the physical world TO peer to peer collaboration and distributed contribution over the internet, THEN it solves huge problems resulting from Information Age structures and delivers a new era of productivity, growth and distributed prosperity. Distributed prosperity can be enabled in 1-2 years with less than 30 networks and 900 people and it could transform the world in 2-5 years.

    It’s as simple as organising “things” in the Internet of Everything (IoE) into “books” and sharing them!. Facebook has trained the global community in distributed structures and the creation of content (linking “things” into “books”) and distribution with engagement of content (sharing them with others). We need to do the same thing for every other human endeavour. A Wisdom Network simply organises Wisdom using meta data and meta flows to provide structure, meaning, intent (like a phone call with more features and functions).

    The NWN presentation and economic development introduction letter is available at . There are also detailed presentation on European Wisdom (a Wisdom Network for the EU), Health Wisdom, Equity Market (or innovation) wisdom. I also delivered a presentation at a Comms Day Conference on 17th July 2013 ( ) on Australia 3.0 .
  • Aug 6 2013: I am going to have to object to this idea.Humans by nature are very clanish and tend to live in small cohesive groups.
    In the absence of geographical boundaries and countries , people would become all the more clanish and self-centered.The existing systems in our world were not formed by coincidence,they were a culmintaion of the pattern of life humans followed up until then.I know that when we see the wars between nations and the terrorist attacks, we are forced to think of a system where all of this is one. But then first we must think why countries fight or why terorism exists.The reason for both of these is the same-it's that both countries and terrorist groups are trying to protect their interests at any cost.Imagine if the world unified and came under one supreme government,then people would start forming cohesive groups based on thousands of criteria and even though there will never be wars as we see now,there are inevitably going to be conflicts between these local groups every instant,because every group will have a different interest.
    Moreover,the division of the world into countries promotes a sort of healthy competition.
    Let's face it, no average human is wholehearted enough to say 'I am a citizen of the world and my patriotism extends to the welfare of the world as a whole'......since we cant even sacrifice our time for our countrymen whom we see,how do you think we are going to nobly do it for others on this planet who we dont even see?
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      Aug 6 2013: Jonath, there can be any number of possible futures of this universe, but there will be one future because of our act of choice. If we choose to teach Love, Sacrifice, and Truth to our generations, we ll help the mankind to live peacefully and without boundaries. We know that, it may be a distant dream, let fill the gap between dream and reality by educating an out of school kid about sacrifice.
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      Aug 6 2013: As I always say, it is about educating the masses and the spreading of awareness in this regard. I is about training yourself to respect and accept the differences and having the right kind of attitude to face the problem and spreading the concept of globalization instead of nationalism.
    • Aug 6 2013: I AM a citizen of the world and my patriotism extends to the welfare of the world as a whole.
      • Aug 6 2013: Exactly my point...I too AM a citizen of the world and my patriotism extends to the welfare of the world as a whole.Which is exactly why we are openhearted to have this discussion on TED aint it.But when we stand up for an idea we must think if its just a dream or a possibility.You should read Rudyard Kipling's poem says "If you can dream - and not make dreams your master;
        If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim"
        You know whats wrong with this idea,I think it still has milk stains on it .
  • Aug 6 2013: I think the exact opposite, this would end up in chaos... No boundaries would mean that a single government would be in charge, that would not be able to satisfy all folks in respect of their needs, it would lead to a huge underrepresentation of minorities and to civil war. Similiar to as the artificial partition of Africa did. That's why a nation state is a good thing:
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      Aug 6 2013: Florian, its all about imagination, your chaotic imagination makes me feel an ordered future. A very very ordered world.
      • Aug 6 2013: in how far is my imagination chaotic? And how do you see these inevitable problems solved? greetings :)
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          Aug 9 2013: When you say, this would end up in chaos, civil war, huge under representation of minorities, you painting a bleak prospective for a globe with no boundaries.
          However, i feel, in few more years, The online library of universal knowledge will be available to anyone for free.
          No one will be spared from centralized monitoring and a whole new generation of technology of cameras will enable us to monitor ourselves for crime, aid and anomalies. Every security camera will become the part of universal hub to share information about any desired criminal.
          The renewable energy solutions will delete some items from commodity list and world will be free from depending upon mining of earth hydrocarbon.
          A universal language will be in place which will help you to understand anyone around with powerful and quick translators.
          Robots will take over industries and labor regime for people will end.
          And this is an exhaustive list, pure imagination which was triggered by your chaotic end.

          Greetings and Best
      • Aug 9 2013: These predictions are possible, some of them even probable, but how is it connected to the question?
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          Aug 9 2013: Infact, if you feel that these predictions are possible, then you have appreciated the inevitability of universal systems. Today, we are fast approaching towards singular entity within several light years around us. When i am saying "we" its a metaphor for what? Yes, i am talking about us. People everywhere in the world are connecting miraculously, and physical boundaries are now penetrated without any problems through cellular technology. Once, air borne self flying vehicles are there, world has to realign its immigration laws with the speed of our journey.
          Anyhow, i still feel, my version was based on your chaos and we are drifting towards a more pluralistic version of earth.
      • Aug 9 2013: I think you very much view this as a race state versus the people - but don't forget that democracies and dictatorships are manmade, they rise and fall with the people, and they will most certainly evolve with them. Tech can be used for good and for bad purpose. There are numerous examples, the Internet and cellular network you refer to allows us to connect with one another but also fuels secret mass-surveillance-systems like PRISM and Tempora that can and have been used against everyone... flying vehicles, no matter if self-flying or not, will help us to move around faster, but in the past the availability of tanks and jets were the catalysts that made two wars on a global scale possible. Not even mentioning the atomic bomb. And the most scary part is, that self-flying vehicles (drones) were available to the military before anyone else, as well as the Internet, which was originally designed as a communication-system for the US-military.
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          Aug 10 2013: Florian,when soldiers fight, people strive.
          And i dont see it state versus people. to me this is about peace versus war. The historical fault lines among civilizations are favoring a chaos bound future. Unfortunately, some of these fault lines are buried deep under border lines. Indian-Pakistan Border is the most dangerous and volatile border in the World. Nukes across aimed at whom? Can we see it like State waging a Nuclear Army against a powerful nuclear arsenal of another state? Do we really bordering an enemy state or people?
          If we keep on teaching our kids about historical vendetta against enemies, we ll provoke a regime of hate and terror. (The same was experimented in Afghanistan about quarter of a century ago, a whole young generation was taught to Jihad against Russia. The kids were taught with illustrations of Jihad. Like Class Five kids were taught if a bullet from a gun in the hand of a Jihadi travels at 5 m/s and if Kafir Russion (Infidel Russion) is 500 meter away, how much time it will take to hit infidel?. Now the whole world is under attack from these non state actors. ) And only if we teach our kids about peace and humanism, we ll bring peace in the world.
          What i was saying, let s think about peace, have visions about better world, lets hope for peaceful future of mankind. Let s make a choice to be on peace side. Dont kill anyone for serving your wishes. Lets not bleed for saving blood. And lets dont fight for peace. Lets strive for peace.
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      Aug 6 2013: Well Florian, The thing is that if we think that there would be chaos then there would be chaos, If we the think there would be peace then we will convince our mind that there would be peace. As Qamar says, its all about imagination!
      I have always been referring to the fact that before this could happen, there should be proper awakening of our senses and there should be proper awareness given to the people so that they can respect and accept the differences.
      • Aug 6 2013: this is all very theoretical, how can you embrace each others differences while you force people to place back their individal needs by putting them in a multiethnic state? I think that you basically propose communism, making all human beings equal...This is a great idea in theory, but that is not us, that's not how we are. And this is also the reason why borders and different countries exist in the first place, they are not the reason for our problems but the expression of our need of self-determination. If you could theoretically make borders superfluous, they would disappear by themselves, but it is senseless to just abolish them, while not fighting the reason they exist a priori...
  • Aug 5 2013: I have also had this in my mind for a while. However in this world, I think, it could only happen IF there were more peace on Earth, instead of the other way around.
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    Aug 5 2013: Let's take the example of US , which is a multicultural country with no boundary inside. Is US racism free ? Did different culture merged together in US by now ?
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      Aug 5 2013: Hey Salim, The things which I was mentioned can only happen successfully, if proper awareness and proper education is given to the people of the world. It is not just that we sit in a closed chamber and we remove these imaginary lines, obviously it won't be a really good idea that way, and nobody will even accept it, so the only possible thing to make this merger a success is that we spread the proper awareness. I have been running a Peace Movement and I can't explain that how much the people of the world want this type of merger! It is really the thing to look forward to in the future.
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        Aug 5 2013: Well Jehanzeb, i like your idealist passion. I would like to know about your peace movement. The foremost and biggest problem which you may face is ignorance. The culture of ignorance is prevailing and this fact that more than 50 million kids are out of school in this world. If we are not going to teach them, the ideals of peace will remain a distant promise. In Pakistan alone 7 million kids never make it to school.
        We are already working to raise awareness about these kids.

        Hope to stay in touch with you.
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          Aug 5 2013: Here you have the link! (
          Of course, you are very right in your point of view. My idea is based on spreading awareness and obviously the child of today has to make this happen, so the children need to be educated and I am very happy that there are steps being taken!
          I think that this idea of mine can only stand if all of the world is educated in the first place, because the most important thing is education and the spreading of awareness.
  • Aug 4 2013: The minute the US currency implodes we will have that.
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      Aug 5 2013: No I don't think that way, I feel that minute we start realising our sole purpose of creation we will have that!
  • Aug 4 2013: It used to be that way then wars wars and more wars. If it were like that now we could all be poor. and with no barriers imagine how fast disease etc. can spread. The rich are not restricted from sharing now - Imagine ft that were manditory.
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      Aug 5 2013: This is the thing we all want, no? We all want the equal sharing of wealth and resources. The thing you are maybe referring to is somewhat totally opposite. As we are created equals so why shouldn't we help the poors? Why on earth should the rich should get richer by taking the money of the poors? Look, we all should find a way to co-exist in this world!
      I would prefer a world in which everybody is poor instead of having this status-quo thing which is eating us up.
      • Aug 6 2013: Really I am not sure But I share a minority view of more aid to the poor. We have propaganda against that and you may like politicians more than I but it never hurts them to blame someone else. We also need more responsible behavior by almost everyone - The U.S. had ZPG thenthe business elite ruined that. India had Indira Gandhi pusing population control but she was machinegunned by her own guards. Is any poor coutry trying to live within its means? I believe there are many variables that are important. Also, the falling Ph of the oceans concern me.