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Imagine a world with no geographical boundaries between countries. I think that if it happens then there would be more peace on Earth.

This idea has occupied my mind for a long time and finally I think that it is the time to discuss it with the world. Imagine such a world where there are no geographical boundaries between countries, I think in this way the cultures will merge together and there would be a blend of different values. There would certainly be less or no racism and I think that all in all we will have a more peaceful world where we all can live in mutual harmony!


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    Aug 4 2013: I have always had this idea that one day, all the countries will be united and they're will be just one big country: Earth. However, I found out that there are some problems with this plan.
    1. There are many countries that are in total chaos and cannot control themselves. If all the countries are united, who will control us and how? The world is too large to be controlled by just one government.
    2. If the world is united, we should have a language that will be used for communicating each other; after all, we would all come from the same country. However, it is basically impossible for us to have one language. In my country, due to geographical separations between regions, there are many dialects, and they are considered one of the most important cultures of our society. If we are going to have one language, doesn't that mean we are going to throw out many valuable cultures?
    3. Looking from a different view, uniting every country may lead to neglecting many great and unique cultures. And it is very hard to merge all the cultures. For example, religion; Hindus don't eat beef, whereas Muslims don't eat pork. How can we manage this?
    I think unity is very important, but so is diversity. If we try to unite the countries hurriedly, we may be losing our goal of being united: World peace.
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      Aug 5 2013: Hey Hong, The fact is that it is our duty to help the country which is in total chaos! We all are too self centred, too selfish to even realise our sole purpose of creation. We all have been created equal so why not destroy this superiority complex? I would rather let my country get poor, by helping the poor, instead of getting rich by taking the wealth of the poor, Which every country is doing right now.
      If we learn how to co-exist and we, for an instance try to kind of forget the differences then there would be very little need of a government, but yes still we will need one. So the thing I purpose is that we merge the governments as well, But it cannot happen without proper awareness of this thing and for that we need to work.
      This is the concept of globalization. We can all have a single, common language to communicate. If we learn to live together then we can very easily learn to communicate, I don't think that it is a very big problem. It won't mean throwing out cultures, it will just mean that we have merged all the cultures to create a unique culture with the mutual understandings.
      Again the thing which comes to my mind after reading your 'point 3' is that if we are given awareness and if we are ready to accept this situation and we are willing to be a global citizen and we sacrifice nationalism then muslims and hindus can also coexist, at the end of the day, we all are same, we all are humans!
      Yup, so true, nothing can happen through haste! We should wait and first try to convince people and try to spread the true knowledge of this merger.

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