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Does a college degree matter any more (now)?

Some say yes. some say no. What is your experience? (I'm not asking about opinions any more).Thanks you.


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  • Aug 4 2013: Hi Dear Simon Le:).I think a degree in the best university means you have done a good job for now,but for future,you need to focus on'Now',then you don't have to worry about future.

    Oh,it reminds me when I was a student,I did worry too much about past and future,it caused the most depression in my studying.But I remember my teachers and parents did tell me a lot:don't worry too much,just catch the time now to study hard.I know what they said were right,Why I sitll worried and kept worrying so much?Did it mean I wasn't mature to be enlighten to be aware of Now?


    Does it mean we have to obey those routines to experience things?I sometimes try to observe Confucius' words,I admit and doubt and qustion and admit...on and on...
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      Aug 4 2013: What I mean is Google or Apple are most likely to hire the best programer regardless of the college degree he/she has (I think that's exactly what they are doing right now). So isn't it better to stay home and learn by yourself to be the best programer, rather than going to college and worry about the stupid grade? It seem like no body care about college degree any more.
      • Aug 4 2013: Hey Simon,
        Am from India " The country with the fastest growing population" well to give you an idea, most of my friends are in the US to pursue their higher education for exactly your point " Secure their future" I decided to give myself some time to think. I work with good companies here what I have realized is.

        1) Good education means you get to interact with people of a certain IQ. So when you have an epiphany the environment pushes you towards excellence.

        2) If you do not have a revelation, well basically you have people with good connections.

        3) Some people do not explore enough to find what they are good at (At-least here) so education broadens your exposure. The better the university the more the exposure. You need not conform to the ideas of your teachers, but just assimilate their experience and exposure.

        Well to sum it up. In a world with 7 billion people if you are good at something, to show it to the world , you will need a stage. A good education provides a good stage, else you build one(which is usually harder).

        My brother once said - You have to work Hard in your life which is not a choice. You just choose when. Now when you are young and energetic, or when you get old and more apprehensive.
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          Aug 4 2013: A college degree doesn't prove to be a good enough "stage" any more in the U.S. However, I understand the difficult condition in India.
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        Aug 5 2013: it's pretty hard to teach yourself, Simon, one good thing about college is it forces you to do the work because you want to get acceptable grades so you can stay at the college and continue marching toward your degree.

        Also at college you get some good ideas about how to learn
      • Aug 5 2013: You should probably also notice that they also don't like hiring people with great degrees when they feel like they're paying too little. It's rather funny.
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      Aug 4 2013: That Confucius quote was wrote by Confucius himself to help other compare to his example, I think. Well, about the the future and now thing, it's still an option, right?

      I think the best university degree doesn't bring you as much good as it cost you.

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