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Does a college degree matter any more (now)?

Some say yes. some say no. What is your experience? (I'm not asking about opinions any more).Thanks you.


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  • Aug 4 2013: Yes possibly even more so. Some foolish HR people only look at resumes with the right degrees from the right school with the right words to invite for an interview. Even if you have the degree from the best school, once you are working in industry or academia or public service, you have to perform. Your future is never secure and you have to grow and to change to match it.
    • Aug 4 2013: What you say is correct. I have found some of my best employees from the "don't even consider these people" pile of resumes. My opinion of HR people is that they have never learned to recognize the professional resume writer and will fall for mighty sounding credentials that are really meaningless. I have never, in 30 years, gotten an actual employee from the A pile after HR screened resumes.
      • Aug 4 2013: I have said the goal of hr is not to be yelled at so they never take a gamble or express an opinion that they can not blame on someone else and to make sure the company is not sued by its employees.
        • Aug 5 2013: That sounds like a good reason for HR not to be a department. At least in areas that are important like hiring, dealing with HR should be optional. I have always found them a complete waste of time.

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