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Does a college degree matter any more (now)?

Some say yes. some say no. What is your experience? (I'm not asking about opinions any more).Thanks you.


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  • Aug 3 2013: And to speak on the latter portion of your question concerning the sacrifice some of the 1->10 for the 11, or 12, from an objective standpoint all of the old have skills and services which have generated a past history of success.
    From my own opinion, they should lower salaries to allow us new guys a chance. Possibly send some people away eventually, but they should be treated fairly.
    • Aug 4 2013: I'm not sure if the situation is the same now, thing are evolving rapidly in the post secondary education field, but the advice I used to give undergrads (I'm in the computer consulting biz) is not to focus on courses but rather use their time a the University to learn how to learn an to do as many extracurricular projects as they could manage. Unless I went to the same University I might have no knowledge of a particular professor or what Algorithms 201 does (nor do I probably care). But if you can talk to me about how you teamed up with a PhD student to analyze his geological drill core data to produce a 3D map of a potential mine, I might sit up and take notice. That's just an example, you could also hand optimize a financial simulation system, work with Astronomy department modelling stellar atmospheres or help build a suite of statistical and non-linear analysis routines for the Geology department. Something non-trivial that solves a problem previously not solved (or sometimes not even known).

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