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Talent pool being robbed in schools

Food for thought, do you think that Beardyman learned to do all that in school...which standardized test gave him the ability to make whatever sound he likes from his voice!? His school education probably had nothing to do with it, following his passion for life probably had everything to do with it. Imagine how many other talented people there are out there being stifled by a shockingly closed minded education system that cuts music, sport and arts programs faster than we cut down the rainforest!



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  • Sep 1 2013: Yes, the School system does damage to the natural talent of a person. It suppresses the talent and creativity by using various external forces, to which the person surrenders and starts living the life of others. When I was 8 years old , that time head phones were not easily available in our country, even if they were available they were costly . At that time I used the magnets of the damaged motors of the record player, enamelled copper wire and hair band, and designed the head phone to listen music and then I experimented in many ways to make it different ways. But,at that time no one realized my creative spirit and design sense.At that I was often told to not waste my time in such activites and focus on studies.Schools teaches about history . It does not teach you how to create history and be part of it.The school education has an outside in approach, but it does not brings our what is already inside.

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