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Talent pool being robbed in schools

Food for thought, do you think that Beardyman learned to do all that in school...which standardized test gave him the ability to make whatever sound he likes from his voice!? His school education probably had nothing to do with it, following his passion for life probably had everything to do with it. Imagine how many other talented people there are out there being stifled by a shockingly closed minded education system that cuts music, sport and arts programs faster than we cut down the rainforest!



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    Aug 23 2013: We are all born in that environment where we are immediately taught how to best conform to the norm and standard of the society, and education system with its curriculum short-circuit our creativity. But that's the foundation we are born into and somehow it gives us the basic understanding to better make certain decisions and one of those is the ability to see that we are not born to conform but to pursue our natural passion in life.
    If it wasn't for this dysfunctional system, some of us wouldn't have woken up from our sleep and now it's up to everyone who is awake to wake up others as well. Following your passion is the only avenue that will enable fulfillment to manifest in your life.
    • Aug 23 2013: Thank you sir, very eloquently put :)
    • Aug 30 2013: well said, and I qoute "and education system with its curriculum short-circuit our creativity" unqoute If only the foundation was the basics of using miximum brain capacity not to control ones way of thinking and of doing things.

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