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Talent pool being robbed in schools

Food for thought, do you think that Beardyman learned to do all that in school...which standardized test gave him the ability to make whatever sound he likes from his voice!? His school education probably had nothing to do with it, following his passion for life probably had everything to do with it. Imagine how many other talented people there are out there being stifled by a shockingly closed minded education system that cuts music, sport and arts programs faster than we cut down the rainforest!



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  • Aug 27 2013: I know that for me I enjoy learning. The problem with these standardized tests and their importance to where you go in life, sets up so much stress behind learning that now I am not learning to learn but because I need to pass a test. It's frustrating and completely stresses me out knowing that if I make to many mistakes or my academic life and thus my life goes down the drain.

    Why can't I just learn without the stress?
    • Aug 27 2013: Great point Daniel, you can just learn without the stress, but when you come through a system that puts so much importance on passing grades you lose that love of just learning! One thing I tend to see in younger generations also is once they leave college and get a job they sit back and become a passive individual with few hobbies or goals...almost as if life is over and now its time to sit back and relax! Your entire life is a learning experience...challenge yourself, set goals, achieve what you always wanted to do....got get a black belt in a martial art, learn to dance the Salsa and compete!? Go build a house for someone less fortunate than you or put what you learned in school to use for the less fortunate...trust me you can learn alot from just giving back and continuing to do it for the rest of your life will allow you to look back and be impressed with your life of learning :)

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      Aug 28 2013: I love to learn Daniel, but I detest modern education.


      Because forced learning, along with the spoon feeding of facts to be later regurgitated, is not true learning. It is a broken system and absolutely kills curiosity and innovation.

      This is not to say we don't need to learn the basics. It's all about how you go about it, and the current system of babysitter teachers (and professors) in a controlled, high stress, and standardized environment is detrimental to humanity. It detrimental to those who teach. It's unnatural and counter-productive to sustained knowledge. We have to change this, or we'll find ourselves in a world of incapable individuals struggling to dream again.
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      Aug 29 2013: In your country, in how many years of high school do you actually need to take standardized tests? I ask this because in the US, I believe at the high school level there is typically only one mandated standardized test for the four years of high school. In my state it is at 10th grade only, and parents can opt you out, unless you include the optional Advanced Placement tests attached to college level courses done in high school for which students want to get college credit. Any further testing is a more decentralized decision, like at the State or district level.

      I know in some countries there is a single comprehensive standardized test at the end of high school, but there is not one in the United States.

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