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Talent pool being robbed in schools

Food for thought, do you think that Beardyman learned to do all that in school...which standardized test gave him the ability to make whatever sound he likes from his voice!? His school education probably had nothing to do with it, following his passion for life probably had everything to do with it. Imagine how many other talented people there are out there being stifled by a shockingly closed minded education system that cuts music, sport and arts programs faster than we cut down the rainforest!



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  • Aug 24 2013: you might have a point but we have to be very careful not to go overboard. the world is full of people who aren't successful in music, art, etc, and think the reason for their lack of success is others' inability to recognise their talent, when actually it's just because they're not much good (for more, read up on the dunning-kruger effect). i think stifling delusions of talent is a really good thing, it gives people a chance to move on and find what they actually are good at, though as you said, we also need to be sure to recognise actual talent. there's a reason why we have the idiom 'starving artist'.
    • Aug 25 2013: Great point Ben, I see that alot over here, parents spending thousands on either a sport/instrument/talent that the kid is clearly not gifted in but they fail to see it and at the same time have blinders on so they cannot see what their children's real talents are! So many kids are pushed to get over a 4.0 in high school, get accepted to the best (and most expensive) universities to become doctors or lawyers (because there is a shortage of Lawyers in the US!! ;) the kids go through life thinking that they actually 'want' to be a lawyer...which I think is very strange!

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