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Talent pool being robbed in schools

Food for thought, do you think that Beardyman learned to do all that in school...which standardized test gave him the ability to make whatever sound he likes from his voice!? His school education probably had nothing to do with it, following his passion for life probably had everything to do with it. Imagine how many other talented people there are out there being stifled by a shockingly closed minded education system that cuts music, sport and arts programs faster than we cut down the rainforest!



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  • Aug 23 2013: Our education system is doing exactly what it was intended to do. Train and prepare people for the military and low skill jobs. For higher management and technology jobs we get those from other countries that believe education is worth the investment. What's wrong with that? It is just another product and as long as we keep buying cheap products, the education system like Walmart, will keep making them!

    It is the unbreakable law of supply and demand.
    • Aug 23 2013: All laws are breakable sir! Especially ones created by man! The key word in your statement is "was" the education system has not evolved to do what today's world needs. I also not think that the education system was ever intended to train military!? The bulk of military personnel do not have a high level of education. They have a high level after going through the military but the education system does not provide it for them!? Especially when looking at the military a couple of hundered years ago which was when this education system was created....
    • Aug 24 2013: i share some of your cynicism but you go too far. american universities are far above the rest of the world (more than half of the world's best are american), and they couldn't achieve this if they weren't receiving well-educated high school kids. i agree that skilled labour is under-appreciated, and there's far too much income disparity in america. in japan where i live now actually they're doing much better with it. professional workers still make more money (which makes sense to offset education costs), but not many times more as in america. they way they achieve it is first by keeping education costs low (university costs a few thousand dollars a year equivalent), maintaining very strong unions which ensure no-one is underpaid, and bonuses shared throughout the company (here all workers get bonuses, not just directors) to make sure no-one is overpaid.
      • Aug 25 2013: Ben....who by and how are these universities measured as far as being the best in the world? What are the criteria of the polls that are done every year? And what financial interests are a part of the companies that put those polls out there. This would be an interesting study to break into!
        • Aug 26 2013: great question. the biggest indicator is peer referencing. good referencing means that a university is doing research that is then being used by many other universities and companies too in their own research, which shows the research to be of the highest quality. if the research is world-class it implies the students have been so well educated that they are expanding the boundaries of human understanding. other factors come in to the ranking though, such as teacher/student ratio, resources (teaching resources such as laboratories, lecture theatres, not so much financial resources), student feedback on things like career placement, and also review by professors of other universities (who better to critique a university than someone who spends most of their lives in such a place?).

          from what i know, these polls aren't done by companies (some more specialised ones are, but nothing that ranks universities outright), but usually by countries who want to know who they should learn from, and what countries they should send their exchange students etc to.

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