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Do you think religion has played a positive role in people's personal lives?is it neccessary or not?

They must refer to their wisdom or their beliefs?


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  • Aug 5 2013: You should refer to human conscience rather than the nominal religion. For example for many Catholic priests, occasionally you find some of them did hideously immoral things, even though they study and practice christianity all their life. I am not saying that religion led them to their misconduct, but it didn't prevent their misconduct either.
    The word tradition could be interpreted in many ways, some of it could be linked to the main religion in that geological region also. For example, most of the Iranion tradition probably is linked to Islam. It probably is quite different from Christianity. Most of the posting here referring Christmas tradition as if they are separated from Christianity.But probably that's not so, otherwise, why it is named CHRIST-mas? So, whether one belives in Santa Claus or not, this is related to Christian religion. I am neither a Moslem nor a Christian, you may consider me as a disciple of Confucius. His teaching involves lot of morality and philosophy, but he kept his distance from religion overall. If you believe that humanity or moralty plays the most positive role in personal life, then I think I am doing OK in that respect.

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