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Do you think religion has played a positive role in people's personal lives?is it neccessary or not?

They must refer to their wisdom or their beliefs?


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      Aug 5 2013: aleykomaslam .
      thank you,maybe one person has the some moral virtues and does'nt believe in any religion. religion does'nt give us new thing. all things that we need are in nature,i want to complete yours. religion, in the past 2500 years, cheated people.and people who didn't have enough information believed it. we born free, but, why we can not think freely!! why we have to wait till religion says to us do it or don'tdo it. look at in middle east, most of the religious countries,most of them have many problems that west countries dont have, for example i think at least for my country, believd in islam, in past 2500 years, didn't help us to improve. because religion dont let people think and think and think, and says do everything that i say so god will take you to heaven and beisde it the religion leaders do their work->stealing their money and freedom and every thing .i hate islam and every religion .thats it.but thanks for your comment, good luck .khodahafez

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