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Do you think religion has played a positive role in people's personal lives?is it neccessary or not?

They must refer to their wisdom or their beliefs?


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  • Aug 4 2013: Generally and overall?
    I strongly believe religion has served no good interest in the lives of humans.
    It serves its own agenda which is to completely destroy the human spirit.
    Its natural propensity is to gravitate into Fascism and control.

    As Linda says below: " It gives them a basis on which to behave towards other people."
    Yes,. To kill them, torture them, terrorize them, impoverish them, enslave them and corral and control them.

    Not what she meant, but what I mean.
    It is my personal and direct experience with religion and people of religion that has taught me all of this.
    I no longer have any doubts about it.

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      Aug 4 2013: but slogan of many religions is that ,be kind with each other, don't lie,dont kill,don't steal,
      however,why people still believe in these religions, it seems that they've got used to refere their ignorance to something beyond this world.
      totally i agree with you.

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