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Do you think religion has played a positive role in people's personal lives?is it neccessary or not?

They must refer to their wisdom or their beliefs?


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  • Aug 4 2013: No, religion has not played a positive role in anyone's life. It may have played a role, but only to fill in the gaps where the person is too illiterate, confused, immature, backwards, stupid, etc to build a model of the universe from evidence rather than wishful thinking.
    This is similar to a child who wonders where their tooth goes after it falls out. Mom and dad say you put it under your pillow and the tooth fairy comes for it.
    How do presents get under the tree on Christmas morning. Santa comes down the chimney and leaves them.
    All ridiculous stories even if you do go to great lengths to make them consistent and complete (Santa has magic reindeer and one with a glowing nose in case its foggy, etc).
    But they fill a spot in the child's understanding of the universe until such time as their thinking can handle reality.
    In the case of religions, sometimes this never happens.
    I am still holding out hope for the human race although evolution is a frustratingly slow process in this regard

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