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A course on Ethics?

Beyond what you learn in TOK class (for those of you who have been exposed to the IB system), is it crucial to introduce an ethics class in schools?
(meant more for kids like me, brought up in international, well-endowed, schools)

I say this because I cannot understand those who do not want to use and maximize the opportunities they are lucky enough to have (in a high-school, college setting). Who are we to deserve what we have more than someone living in poverty in the slums of Mumbai? What have we done to deserve it? Nothing.. yet. We need to value more, enjoy more, and utilize our world class educations more.


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    Sep 2 2013: .



    Well-endowed persons are easier to lose the ethics.
    Ethics are the rules of our ancestors' symbiosis.
    Symbiosis survives humankind.

    We need symbiosis to solve inequality, sustainability, ... problems.

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