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What is your lowest acceptable standard living that will bring you the maximum happiness? Let's debate and low it to the lowest possible!

Let's start with an example:
I will make that simple as a 4x4m clean room, with a pillow, a low-end internet-connected computer, a cool-warm room temperature and food bring to my door every day.
It's acceptable as living standard, but doesn't seem to maximum my happiness. What is your idea. What would make you crazy, crazy happy that you couldn't be positively any more happy? And when you choose to be in that stage you could be forever. In short, what is your notion of your own heaven?

The idea is too make it as real as possible so I will try to attack your ideal condition, by questioning changing in your happiness over time, conflict in interest...etc. And your job is either defending or changing your condition.


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    Sep 2 2013: I think happiness is a feeling from your heart. Sweet dreams can bring you the most costless happy feeling.You can dream about all that you want as if they were truely happening. Being peaceful with oneself is a good way to attain happiness too, I think.
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      Sep 2 2013: :)) the happening guy :)) I like it.

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