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What is your lowest acceptable standard living that will bring you the maximum happiness? Let's debate and low it to the lowest possible!

Let's start with an example:
I will make that simple as a 4x4m clean room, with a pillow, a low-end internet-connected computer, a cool-warm room temperature and food bring to my door every day.
It's acceptable as living standard, but doesn't seem to maximum my happiness. What is your idea. What would make you crazy, crazy happy that you couldn't be positively any more happy? And when you choose to be in that stage you could be forever. In short, what is your notion of your own heaven?

The idea is too make it as real as possible so I will try to attack your ideal condition, by questioning changing in your happiness over time, conflict in interest...etc. And your job is either defending or changing your condition.


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    Aug 23 2013: Simon...the debate was how low can you go..I know the number could be very smaller with certain features..a good window view,preferably nature,and animals and people,a good shower/bath..a place to cook and store food,comfy sleeping spot..and temperature control...but what is missing? purpose,passion,connections..for you the internet is included..I left out of my warehouse story the fact I was a hairdresser for the richest level of people and worked all day around fountains and plants and beauty...so everday I compared my lifestyle choices with people who had EVERYTHING...and they were often jealous of me,and lonely,and ill,but..what I liked about them were their interest in travel,gardening, art,literature.theatre, politics,food...other then travel I already had what they loved...but no one to talk to about it..but they did not have PASSION..like me and you cannot buy this thing..it is the driver that we stand in awe of when channeled properly I.e. Terry Fox, Ghandi,Joan of Arc,Mandella,Steve Jobs,ect..Having a lot of things may actually distract you from the important job of being the best human ..When in a state of Passion..there is no ground,no fatigue,no distractions,no background only the task and you and an incredible sensation of oneness...why you are not informed of this fact is because its not for sale..you produce it with WILL..no its your turn to explore what will be a platform for you to express yourself..not be distracted by secondhand hearsay
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      Aug 23 2013: hahaha :)) right on.
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      Aug 23 2013: What is your passion , now?

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