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The role of environmental factors in body language

Very often office spaces are poorly ventilated and parts of the office are warm and others are cold. Sure I wear sweaters, but for the most part I am cold and therefore I am constantly sitting and standing in a "submissive" position just to stay warm. Does this mean I am perpetually going to be considered submissive and non-powerful?

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    Aug 2 2013: My office is often cold also, so I understand what you are saying.
    I’ve been working on improving my work environment to make is healthier, but this topic has me realizing it is also effecting my body language.

    I had the Fluorescent Tubes light bulbs changed to Daylight Tube bulbs; in hopes it would improve my Vitamin D levels. Although I’m not sure it did help D levels, I know they have reduced eye strain and improved sleep (at night and no in my office, something to do with a chemical sunlight produces in the eyes) and mod. And now thinking about it, those health benefits has affected my body language.

    I just changed to a standup desk because a relative dead from an embolism from setting to long. And again this affects my body language, no more standing to greet people, no more looking up when talking to a person standing in my office, etc. etc. etc.

    Another step you can take to make your office less submissive is large and/or raises the height of your monitors. So you’re not looking down and/or leaning forward into a submissive pose. Currently I have duel 24” monitors, both on 4’ boxes so thee center is at eye level.

    I wish I had a window in my office, if I did I would add plants.
    Plants = increased energy, increased energy = better poster.

    Desktops are often cold metallic, so a wood/paper warmer desk mat may help.

    If anyone else have tips for improving a work environment, I love to hear them.
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      Aug 2 2013: Thank you Don for your comments and understanding. I do have my monitors raised to keep myself from looking down and I don't turn on the fluorescent lights and light my office with LED lights. I do use my UP band (not selling the product) to buzz me every hour to get up and move and it does help, but after traveling to over 200 customer sites in 12 and a half years, I found that sometimes layers are not enough either. Most recently, after work I would sit in the steamy car without the AC on just to warm up from the day.

      I am healthy and active, I just get cold easily. My heart rate is low, my blood pressure is low, therefore I am often cold sooner than others. Yes, I always wear layers. Unfortunately, central AC and Heat is never well circulated.
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    Aug 2 2013: did you want more time on this, click "edit" to add more time, right now you have three hours. I wouldn't think you'd be considered submissive if everyone else was doing it, too. Are they?
  • Aug 2 2013: Hi Dear Caryn Morgan.It depends what your vales in life.And it does connected very close to the environment .You want to follow the environment or keep you critical thinking?It depends on yourself to get balance.I think maybe it is the various experience in life which deserves us to observe,to live,to be alive:).
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    Aug 2 2013: There are examples how POWERFUL even the submissiveness can be !
  • Aug 2 2013: Me thinks that if that is what you are worrying about, is there nothing serious about your employer? and what do they do? Maybe that is not what is important but Yoda that Jedi warrior talked about more significant things. I am not putting you down I am speaking ill of our trivial society.
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    Aug 2 2013: .

    Your body language will change or not
    according to the changing or not of your environment.
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    Aug 2 2013: My understanding of the science? of "body language" is that the one reading it is required to be aware of all factors in play. Your being cold speaks more of your ability to withstand or endure adverse conditions than of your submissiveness ......wait - that is being submissive.
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    Aug 2 2013: From your description it sounds like the temperature of your work place may be a distraction that prevents you from doing your best work even aside from your body posture. The apparent physical reaction of the cold-blooded staff to the temperature may, at the very least, be a distraction to others where you work, whether they are freezing or warm.

    The time has likely come for the chilly people to make an assertive move to turn up the thermostat or get some space heaters.

    Alternatively, some clever clothing layers may be a great investment.