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Is the American Democratic civilization dying? Why are our electors no longer listening to their constituents? Is plutocracy ruling the US?

Question: Is the American civilization dying? Are we, in reality, being ruled by a plutocracy? Is mankind doomed as a species because we, ignorantly, believe we are the superior species on this planet and have the capacity to control everything? Yes or no to these heavy questions from a 76 year old codger.

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    Aug 27 2013: re-reading your comment...I apologize you are correct Paul. My thoughts lead me elsewhere.

    I guess it's a whole lot easier to believe there is truth in these quick snippets. Are we lazy, disheartened or maybe your are correct... easily lead. Frightening!

    I still hold fast to the idea of getting rid of the electoral college! thanks Paul!
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      Aug 28 2013: Mary,
      the electoral college is the last vestige of our constitution still holding on. Once that is gone, The Federal Government will be supreme and it will be the end of our constitutional republic. The Romans surrendered their republic to the Senate and the Emperors and look how that turned out..

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