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Is the American Democratic civilization dying? Why are our electors no longer listening to their constituents? Is plutocracy ruling the US?

Question: Is the American civilization dying? Are we, in reality, being ruled by a plutocracy? Is mankind doomed as a species because we, ignorantly, believe we are the superior species on this planet and have the capacity to control everything? Yes or no to these heavy questions from a 76 year old codger.

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    Aug 5 2013: From one old curmudgeon to one old codger.... why should we care? America has been through worse and came out the other side as America. We should be concerned with real problems like... will these new Depends keep us from wetting ourselves and be seen in public.
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      Aug 27 2013: LOL Mike! you "old codgers" work very hard getting us through all of these struggles. Mike, I wonder in your life time, was the person who won the game acquiring the most dollars the only person who had a shot at a political contest? was it a time when "we the people" really meant all of us and your voices were heard and made a difference? was it a time when a high school diploma was an assurance of procuring work to support a middle class way of life? was it a time when health insurance was not a necessity to remain healthy? Did you frequent the hardware store on the corner and knew of the family that owned it? did you all feel optimism in the air that this system was working and hope was alive? I wonder? thanks again Mike , enjoy and be well!

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