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Is the American Democratic civilization dying? Why are our electors no longer listening to their constituents? Is plutocracy ruling the US?

Question: Is the American civilization dying? Are we, in reality, being ruled by a plutocracy? Is mankind doomed as a species because we, ignorantly, believe we are the superior species on this planet and have the capacity to control everything? Yes or no to these heavy questions from a 76 year old codger.

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    Aug 3 2013: No, it's not dying. Elected officials have to listen to their electors because most of them want to be reelected. No it's not ruled by a plutocracy, although I would say almost by definition part of being a successful person is that you're more influential than less successful people, but this comes from hard work.

    I think a big part of the problem is some people have problems in their life and they want government to magically fix them all for them. Fixing problems takes a lot of work and it's not government's job to do alone, we all have to work on the problems and help fix them.

    Why did you start this conversation, M-L? What are you unhappy about? Is it a problem you expect government to fix for you? Is it fair to put it all on government?
    • Aug 3 2013: greg dahlen 30+
      I wonder if the elected officials do more than merely
      read press releases created by their staffs.

      Our US Government cannot fix life or health problems.
      They've instead created a vast welfare system as pressured by minority's needs,
      and a sympathetic majority.

      Otherwise ineligible, the minority's corrupted by laze, alcohol, drugs, kleptomania,
      and poor regulation, allowed welfare employees, using sub-contracted medical doctors
      to blindly endorse applications.
      ..These blind endorsements, never before brought to light has changed this US
      government into a welfare failure.

      I've railed against 73+ years of US government's "Warfare" policies.
      But the "Welfare" policies are just as bad.

      I think it is "more than just fair" to put it all on government.

      Elected Officials spend 20 and 30 years in High Office.
      One would wonder what they do there?
    • Aug 4 2013: If one truly knows the facts surrounding the work schedules of most electors, it becomes adamantly clear that very few of them work very hard. First, Congress is "out of session" several times a year. these "vacations are meant to be spent speaking with their constituents when in fact, they are usually spent in various junkets, parties and re-election campaign fund-raising. Maybe we need campaign finance reform or some such but not very realistic. Even most aides admit that Congressmen rarely have the time to read proposed bills before they vote on them. Is this not what we are paying them to do? Yet, they seem to be doing nothing but fighting amongst themselves. Why?
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        Aug 4 2013: How often is Congress out of session? How do you know what Congresspeople do when they're out of session, I would think they do a mix that includes some of the things you mention but also other things, like talking to their constituents. I don't fault Congresspeople for not reading all the bills they vote on, I would imagine they have a massive amount of paperwork to deal with. M-L, you cannot say they do nothing but fight among themselves, they do that, but, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, they do the business of the government.
        • Aug 4 2013: Greg, I'm sorry but this has not been my experience, nor supported by the facts.
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        Aug 4 2013: Sorry, M-L, what has not been your experience, I put three or four different points in there.

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