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Is the American Democratic civilization dying? Why are our electors no longer listening to their constituents? Is plutocracy ruling the US?

Question: Is the American civilization dying? Are we, in reality, being ruled by a plutocracy? Is mankind doomed as a species because we, ignorantly, believe we are the superior species on this planet and have the capacity to control everything? Yes or no to these heavy questions from a 76 year old codger.

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  • Aug 2 2013: As a world leader the US and it's corrupt morals became the example many countries tried to copy. Also, it was very interesting to learn how many small countries (such as Italy, Greece etc.) were intentionally sold our many bad derivatives in order to prop up their financial situations; only to later suffer the little anticipated consequences. Thus, we have brought the rest of the globe down with us. Thanks for your views.
    • Aug 2 2013: M-L Reifschneider

      Let us not forget that Bernie Madoff was central to those sales
      with his little Ponzi scheme, and has paid with 250 years of his life,
      while his world-wide sales force got away with little more than a slap
      on their wrists. His son got 10 years in the slammer.

      Today, Goldman Sachs' non-stop Public Relations, with a bit of
      Warren Buffett's help, have been creating 500 new small businesses
      world-wide, and have effectively hidden their responsibility for having
      milked AIG's $160 Billion Dollar bailout, and starting the mess.

      Henry Paulson, former Treasury Secretary, who brought the financial
      crisis to the Congress and suggested a bail-out of the Too Big to Fail
      or Prosecute Wall Street Banks, got a cool $1 Billion, all for his own
      Corporation. Burp !!!

      Historically, for 2,000 years now, It is about every 50 to 60 years that
      the Banks cook the books and take their profits. Like clockwork.

      Read your History. It is all there. Tic Tock

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