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Is the American Democratic civilization dying? Why are our electors no longer listening to their constituents? Is plutocracy ruling the US?

Question: Is the American civilization dying? Are we, in reality, being ruled by a plutocracy? Is mankind doomed as a species because we, ignorantly, believe we are the superior species on this planet and have the capacity to control everything? Yes or no to these heavy questions from a 76 year old codger.

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  • Aug 2 2013: I agree Jah! As a species, I believe we are stubbornly and egotistically no longer adaptable to changing circumstances and as such, are doomed to failure, sad to say. The plutocracy feels psychologically superior and refuses to see what harm they are doing to our planet.
    • Aug 2 2013: M-L Reifschneider
      I suppose us old farts have to remind the young ones.

      Of the worth and dignity of all Americans.

      The weak oversight by our "Elected Congress" has overpaid
      a Military - who deals in brute force - and who has persecuted
      "non-stop pre-emptive wars" upon other nations shores for such a
      long period of time now, 73+ years.

      Once, that which was American Military Forces may have soured
      from so many years of settling arguments with brute force.

      They may have lost prospective on the worth of Americans and the
      proper social and political system under which They and We should live.

      73+ years of being on someone else's lands, doing and taking by Might
      what was someone else's by Right.

      Have they reached the stage of being a Threat instead of a Protection?

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