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TeED Debate for 2014 and 2016 cycle

Debate structure:

3 sections:
First: policy stance.
Each individual will be asked a policy question designed to allow them to outline their position.
-candidates will have 7 seconds to begin a substantive and relative response. If they have not begun substance within 7 sec a yellow light will flash, indicating a buffer of 2 seconds. If after 9 seconds the candidate has not begun to answer w/ a relative and substantive response, their microphone will be disabled and the next candidates time will begin.
-moderator will have button to deactivate auto-shut off, once depressed the candidate will have 60 seconds
-at least 3 policy positions (and/or subjects)is preferable.

Second: Evidence (with policy outline on screen above and re-read to candidate in question)...
Each candidate will be asked to describe 3 instances in past where they have taken current policy stances
-same timing rules apply

Third: Rebuttal
Each candidate is allowed 60 sec to rebut one position from each candidate, must have evidence based rebuttal (contradicting voting record, campaign speech/commercial, policy speech/commercial).
-candidates will again have 12 sec to state rebut and begin with evidence, else a buffer 2 sec will commence-marked by flashing yellow. The rebuttal time allowed will be 60sec if only one evidentiary instance is presented, 90 if there are multiple).

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    Aug 2 2013: if you want more time on this, click "edit" and add more time. Right now you have three hours.
  • Aug 1 2013: Ultimately, I would like to begin this process by using existing debate footage arranged into my expose how lacking in substance the current models are allowed to be. Plus, it will give an example of what I feel the debates could (and should) be. I'll need footage archives and software suggestions for the editing and effects process. Thank you.
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    Aug 1 2013: What sort of feedback or reply would be useful to you?